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Summer’s Photo Shoot

Last August, Elaine and Ivy hosted a magazine photo shoot at our ranch. Well, the magazine has been released with our barn on the cover. One could really see the old time craftsmanship of the barn, except for they put a very pretty girl wearing some crocheted garment in front of the barn. Did I mention the barn is a little out of focus? I guess they did that to bring the model into focus. If the barn was in focus, it would look amazing.

There are some great photos inside the magazine as well. I think my favorite was the one of the models hands in a pair of crocheted mittens holding the handles of my wheelbarrow. Those mittens really showcase the rubber grips of the wheelbarrow handles.

There is a great photo of our driveway with a lush green pasture background. They put the model in that photo also, but if you ignore her you can really see the gravel.

The photographer got a little artsy with some of the other photos. He hung crocheted items from our outdoor clothesline. The crocheted items completely overshadowed the wooden clothes pin holding the item on the line. If you look close you can see the clothes pins. If I remember correctly I bought those clothes pins when our dryer was broken.

One of the llamas and one alpaca got a close-up photo. Of course, they stuck the model in with them. Now that I think about it, that model was in everything. There is a photo of our livestock trailer, with the model in front. They even stuck her in the photos of our fence posts. The model's feet are in a photo of a fence rail. That rail really makes her boots look good.

The model is a beautiful young lady dressed in beautiful crocheted garments. She is a little distracting. I'm sure people will want to see the fence posts. (that I dug with a shovel, myself) The magazine was in charge of the photo shoot, but I think they could have made the model smaller.

If you want to see the photos for yourself, get a copy of Interweave Crochet Winter Edition. The photography was amazing. The garments are beautiful. Everyone had a great time. If you need help getting a copy for yourself, get in touch with the store.

We’re pretty proud of Elaine, Ivy and the Interweave staff. We are especially proud of our Great Pyrenees, Emma, who took time out of her busy day to pose for the last photo of the day.

Thank you Interweave Press.

Our crazy lives!


PS Ivy whined when she read this. She want's it known she dug a fence post hole. Ok, it was more than one post hole.

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