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Endless Summer!

When I was a kid I heard the term “endless summer”. I thought that the “endless summer” would be better than anything on heaven and earth. No school, Staying up past dark, taking only one bath a week, running through the sprinkler. I loved going down to the park and playing baseball with my friends.

Not the baseball kids play today. We didn’t need a field, or uniforms or even teams. First base was the rock by the creek. Second was the sprinkler over there. Third base was that big tree root. Home plate was where the catcher was standing. Any ball hit past the big tree was a home run.

Yes, we did play for a Little League team a couple of nights a week. We had uniforms for those games. We played on a real field. Little League was just another part of what I wished could be an “endless summer”.

I shared my thoughts about an “endless summer” because, #1- I am easily distracted, and #2, I really have grown tired and don’t want to write about what has become an “endless summer”.

The wildfires took a turn for the worse last night. The fires jumped the last major county road between our ranch and the fire. The fire has closed the gap to about 7-10 miles between us and it.

Considering that, we are weathering the fire pretty well, we have not had to evacuate (during THIS fire). The twins are getting stressed. They know some of their friends and classmates are directly involved in the fire. I don’t believe Girl Twin has unpacked her stuffed animals from our first evacuation.

Everyone in town is talking about the fire. Many of us know someone who have been evacuated, lost their houses and outbuildings and shaken to their core. I actually talked to a guy who had ashes on his car. Huh? Really! He had ashes on his car!

The truth is we need call an end to this “endless summer” and enjoy a big snowstorm. Thank God for the firefighters.

In a lighter note, we finally brought Ivy’s chicken coop home. If the fire stays away we will actually bring the chickens home.

Our crazy lives!


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