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What the heck is download time?

When you live in rural Colorado, you cannot “bundle” your communication devises. No matter what they tell you on television commercials, “bundling” is not an option for us.

I really don’t know what any of that means, but this is what I do know.

My cell phone stops working about 9.5 miles from my house. We keep a land line for in the event someone needs to talk to us while we’re home. We don’t use that phone very much. We get calls from the Republicans, the Democrats, St. Judes, Gallup, the Police Benevolent Association, Wells Fargo Mortgage Insurance Company and Livermore Elementary students. Holy cow, we are always on that phone.

For the internet we have a couple of choices. The first option is something called “dial-up”. “Dial-up” is when the computer guys take the internet and stick it in the phone lines. I don’t know how they do it, so I try not to think about it. The best part about “dial-up” is you can fix yourself a sandwich before it actually can use the internet.

Our second option for access to the internet is “satellite”. As I understand the internet is constantly circling the world, in outerspace. It is 2012 so they don’t call it outerspace, they call it cyberspace. I think it is the same space.

The internet somehow gets inside satellites floating around in outer/cyber space. Then those computer guys shoot it down where it gets captured by a big dish in my backyard. (yes, we have satellite internet.) You can’t actually see it being captured by the dish, and you can’t feel it in the air. This is another thing I try not to think about.

The good thing about “Satellite” as compared to “dial-up”, is how fast it works. There is no time to get a sandwich while waiting for the internet when using “satellite”. Unless, of course, you have exceeded your download time.

I have no idea what download time is. I do know, if you use too much, the computer slows down and makes writing these stories on the web really hard to do.

Somehow our family used too much download time (Elaine and Boy Twin). I know it wasn’t me using it because if I can’t see it or understand it, I’m not using it.

I was planning to write another story for the website. The computer would not let me access more than the home page.

Me: What’s wrong with my computer? Elaine: We have exceeded our download capabilities. Me: What does that mean? Elaine: We downloaded too much stuff. Me: Really, what does that mean? Elaine: We sent too much stuff, maybe watched too many movies or played too many games. Me: Oh, what happens now? Elaine: Don’t use the internet until it builds download time.

Now I understand, I can’t use my computer until it builds something I can’t see and I didn’t know we had.

Anyway, Your Daily Fiber has a new web designer. Our shopping cart page and all other links should be working soon. I won’t understand how all that stuff gets in my satellite dish, so I’m not going to think about it.

Our crazy lives!


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