Maybe I won’t shave!

Elaine and I closed the store for the day Saturday and headed for home. We stopped at the grocery store on the way home to pick up a few things before heading up the mountain. OK, some of you wouldn’t consider it a grocery store. It was a Wally World Super Store. On the sidewalk outside the store I had an encounter with another bearded gentleman the changed my life.

Pushing his cart towards me as I entered the store was a white-bearded gentleman, with pure white hair. He was staring at me as I was staring at him. We weren’t identical but similarly attired. It got the best of me, I had to say something.

Me: Hey Santa, could you use an assistant? Santa: I would hire you in an instant. Me: What? Huh? Oh, I was just kidding. Santa: I’m serious.

He reached into his wallet and handed me a business card. Elaine was really getting amused with the conversation and started laughing. The business card mentioned Santa Jobs.

Santa: I work six weeks a year and make enough to take the rest of the year off. Laugh at that, honey! The Santa at the “Mall of America” made $60,000 six years ago.

Me: OK Santa, count me in! Elaine: How much do they pay Mrs. Claus?

Walking away, I gleefully realized I was headed to a new chapter of my life. Then reality slapped me across the face, as it has so many times before. I know, I couldn’t believe it either. Santa shops at Wally World.

Our crazy lives!


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