3 Redheads, an Idiot and a Musk Ox

Wow, it’s been a long time since I have written. I have been extremely busy. Well, it’s four o’clock in the morning and I’m awake. I might as well get started. I wish I had a cup of coffee. I would make a cup, but I’m one of those coffee nuts that needs to grind his own beans. If I fired up the coffee grinder at four in the morning everyone in the house would wake up. Then they would say things like, “hey, it’s four in the morning, can’t you sleep?” “Nope, I was just too thirsty for coffee!”

I have a cup of tea, though. I hate tea. I hate everything about tea. I hate that it is good for you. I wouldn’t want to live very long if I had to drink tea everyday. (Sorry, at four o’clock in the morning it easy to get distracted.)

The puppies are awake with me. Yep, these two hundred pound white fur balls will not leave me alone, even at four in the morning.

We finalized the lease/option for the moving the store last week. We will be moving after we paint a couple walls and get some new displays. We will be in the new location in early November.

Actually, what has been keeping me so busy was the Taos Wool Festival. I have been dyeing and preparing yarn to sell at the festival. And then of course, was the festival itself. One day of travel, a day of set up, two days of the festival and a day to get back home.

We had a good time. The festival was full of politics. Not the Romney/Obama kind, but the you have illegal products in your booth kind. I’ll get into that later.

I was in another vendors booth, exchanging pleasantries. It really wasn’t important to say hello to this vendor, as she is from Fort Collins and I had talked to her the day we left. Don’t tell Elaine and Ivy, but I was trying not to help set up our booth.