Hey Fellas, It’s This Way!

The time was 12:30 AM. I was sound asleep and dreaming about dyeing yarn. (I might have fibbed a little in the last sentence. I was asleep but, I made up the part about the dream. I just wanted you guys to remember theses are stories about a yarn store.) Our phone was ringing.

Me: Hello? Someone: Monner, (not my real name) Your yaks are in my yard. Me: Huh? Someone: Your yaks, they are in my yard. Me: Who is this? Someone: S______a, (neighbor to the south) My dogs won’t stop barking at them. I thought I had buffalo in my yard. I noticed one of them was black and white. They are your yaks. They are in my yard. Me: $%&*!(insert construction language here) I will come over and get them. S______a: I’m sorry!

I am now thinking semi-clearly and wondering. What is she sorry for? Did she invite the yaks over and this whole ordeal is her fault? Is she sorry for waking me? Were the yaks at her house for hours and she waited to call? Or was she (most likely) feeling sorry for me?

I dressed and headed outside. I have mentioned before, the yaks will come to me when I whistle. It was dark outside (obviously) and I could not see the yaks. It is also a half mile to the neighbors (yard.) I whistled and filled a bucket with grain. Elaine and Ivy came outside to help. The three of us jumped into the car with the grain.

We drove down our driveway up the road and started down the neighbors drive. Halfway down their driveway, the headlights of the car located the yaks. They were coming up the driveway….fast. The yaks heard the whistle. They were headed home. They started following the car home…….for awhile. Cheese veered off, taking his buddies with him.

Cheese: Hey fellas, this way, I know where we got out. Mac: We are right behind you. Let’s try to beat them back to the corral. Franks: (said nothing, he’s the quiet one.) Me: Hey, you idiots need to follow me.

I got out of the car and shook the grain bucket. The yaks decided to follow me. I turned and ran with the grain bucket. Yep, running (me!)with a grain bucket, in the dar