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Green eggs and a fox.

Ivy picked the breed of chickens she, the twins, and oh yeah, and Elaine were going to raise by the color of eggs the chickens would produce. Until today, each of the eggs we have collected have been tan. Today, we collected our first green egg.

Dr Suess, Ivy and the twins couldn’t be prouder. Actually, only the egg shell is green. Should Dr Suess ever become aware the Sipes’ chickens are producing green eggs, I really doubt he will care. Girl Twin is a different story. She was so happy she had to call me on my cell phone.

Girl Twin: Monner? Me: Yeah Girl Twin: Guess what color egg we got Me: Brown Girl Twin: Nope, we got a green one Me: That’s great, good job! Girl Twin: Thanks, it was actually the chickens Me: Yeah, I guessed that. Love you, gotta go

Did she really think I thought she had anything to do with it?

I’ve got another little story that may or may not be chicken related. Just before sunrise early this week, Team Pyrenees and Walter woke up the house (well, just Ivy and me) with their barking. Keep in mind they bark every morning, but Tuesday morning they were quite serious about it.

Ivy took a flashlight and stood on the deck to see if she could determine what they were barking at. I did the manly thing and laid in bed listening to them bark. ( Hey, why have kids if they can’t see what’s outside in the dark every once in a while.) Ivy’s flashlight illuminated a pair of eyes just outside the dog pen. Team Pyrenees and Walter are trying to climb the fence of the dog pen. Ivy was shining her flashlight on a fox.

Seeing a fox in rural Colorado is not that unusual. That said, it is only the second fox I have ever seen at our ranch. Was it displaced by last summer’s wildfires? Or was it attracted to our property by the CHICKENS! The fox stayed long enough for Ivy to shoot a couple non-lethal plastic BBs at it. In the dark it is really hard to hold a flashlight and a toy gun and actually hit something.

Needless to say this fox is not intending to be our friend. “Walter, take your buddies and chase this guy of the property, make sure Team Pyrennes comes back!”

Our crazy lives!


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