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Floors, Hearts and Clovers

The replacement of the flooring in our house is almost complete. I know what you’re thinking! Man, this is taking a long time. Elaine has some of the same thoughts. Me? I have different thoughts.

My thoughts range from “What the (insert construction language, rhymes with bell) did we start this for?” to “Get someone to finish this”. It’s not that I’m lazy (stop laughing), its just this job is a “pain in the (construction language, middle of your back).”

First we move furniture from one side of the room to the other. Then tear out the carpet and pad. Throw the carpet and pad out the front door. Pull staples and nails, sweep, vacuum and then start installing the flooring. When the flooring is finished you move the furniture back and start the other side of the room. Oh yeah, we have four hundred pounds of dogs that want to see what Elaine and I are doing. Getting a “helpful” dog out of the way is a good way to practice your construction language.

Working when we have time is also prolonging this crap. I think we have one more day of work before we will be completely done.

Why in the world am I talking about this? This has nothing to do with my story. Well, maybe it does a little

Sunday, is Ivy’s day to work in the store. No matter what I did to talk her out of it, Sunday was Elaine’s and my day to work on the floors.

Elaine was removing staples left over from the carpet and I was chasing the dogs out of the way practicing my construction language. (Multi-tasking comes naturally to me.) when our phone rang. Elaine was on knees on the floor, so I let her get up and answer the phone. (OK, I’m kidding.) It was Ivy on the phone.

I heard Elaine say, “That’s fantastic. Who did it? Take pictures. That is so cool.” Elaine hung up the phone.

Me: What was that about? Elaine: Somebody Yarn Bombed the store. Me: Is the store OK?

I really know what Yarn Bombing is, but I have found if I play stupid it gets me out of a bunch of stuff I have no desire to do. Try it, it works!

Elaine: Someone hung knitted, crocheted, and quilted hearts and clovers on the front of the store! Me: That’s really nice, we need to go see it. Elaine: No, Ivy can send us pictures, let’s work on the floor.

I went back to shoving a dog out of the way and muttered some construction language under my breath.

Whoever Yarn Bombed the store, thank you. Even if it didn’t get me out of work!

Our crazy lives!


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