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Puppy Update

If you have read these stories for a while you know that our family was gifted a couple of Great Pyrenees puppies. We received these puppies from a Southern Colorado sheep ranching family that has been breeding size into their guard dogs for years.

They have been quite successful. Maggie and Lizzie are now over two years old and both weigh over 100 pounds. I continue to wonder if the “gift” was such a good idea.

As a puppy Lizzie was the less attractive of the two. Her hair was always in disarray. No matter how much we brushed her hair, she always looked like she was coming down from a “seven day drunk”.

As far as looks, things haven’t gotten any better for Lizzie. Her chosen hair style is still one that is best described as unkempt, but man, is she big; and strong too. Yesterday, while Boy twin had Lizzie on her leash, Boy Twin lost his footing and fell. Lizzie didn’t stop walking, and Boy Twin didn’t let go of the leash. Lizzie was dragging the eighty pound Boy Twin across the pasture like a mule and a plow. If Elaine hadn’t caught the two of them Lizzie might have drug Boy Twin to Nebraska.

Lizzie likes to mess with me. She will get a stuffed animal out of Girl Twin’s room and stand in front of me with the stuffed animal in her mouth. She will run away and turn to see if I’m chasing her which I’m not. (It’s not my stuffed animal and if Girl twin wants to leave her door open, it is not my problem.) Lizzie will bring the stuffed animal back, stand in front of me and then turn and run. This goes on until I get Girl Twin to get her stuffed animal.

Lizzie likes to mess with Elaine’s knitting. She will stick her head in Elaine’s knitting bag, remove the knitting and drag it all over the house. Just like a big, ugly 100(+) pound cat. (I’m really proud of myself for working knitting into this story.)

Elaine stayed home from work a couple days last week with the flu. She woke up three times one day with Lizzie in bed with her. I don’t think that bothered Elaine, although, she pretends it did.

Maggie is just a dog. She knows what she was bred for. She has the instincts of a guard dog. If Maggie hears something outside, she wants out. She wants to be the first one out and will jump over the other three dogs to be the first on out the door. Oh yeah, and Maggie can tell time.

Maggie wakes me EVERY morning at 5:50 AM. She may be a minute late or a minute early but, if it is within that time period she is at my side of the bed. She doesn’t want outside, she wants to be pet. If you get up to let her out she just looks at me until I get back in bed. She wants to be pet. After a few minutes she will lie down and come back to the bed at 6:20 AM. Maggie doesn’t miss by more than a couple minutes. OK, maybe she can’t tell time. Those two times happen to be when the neighbors drive by on their way to work. Maggie wakes me every day, seven days a week.

I started writing this dog update four days ago. We are a sharing family. We share everything. Girl Twin shared a flu bug with Boy twin. Boy Twin shared the bug with Elaine. Elaine shared it with me.

I tried to share the flu bug with Ivy. Ivy was always an ungrateful child. She refused my ”gift”. With no one to pass the bug to I ended up keeping the flu.

Therefore, my not having the energy and desire to finish my story is clearly Ivy’s fault.

Lizzie slept on the bed with me while I was “enjoying” my rest. I hated having her on the bed, but I didn’t have the energy to kick her off. Maggie kept me safe by barking and running off anything that would happen by. Although, she kept ME off the bed, by wanting outside and back inside a hundred times a day.

I going to try to give Ivy the flu again. She should get to enjoy the dogs as much as I did.

Our crazy lives!


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