Monner needs a lawyer

The 2013 Taos Wool Market Show is over. This is the first year in (I really can’t remember) that I did not attend as a customer or participant. Elaine and Ivy participated as usual, but Flood Monner forced me to stay home.

We had arranged for friends to take care of the house and livestock, and even found a wonderful person to work in the store. Everything was looking good for the family to head to Taos. And then here comes Flood Monner.

Of course, the flood is long gone but the work is just getting started. I can gladly say that I (along with a lot of help) am finally finished with the clean-up. I have removed sheet rock, carpet, a ton of trash (literally) and gave a bunch of stuff to the local thrift shops.

I’m ready to start rebuilding. I couldn’t let Taos interfere with that, plus I have a pushy friend volunteered to come up and help me rebuild. (Remember the quarterback story? Yep, that’s the guy.)

The twins weren’t at all disappointed to miss Taos. Taos has always competed with the School fundraiser, the Pie Auction. If they weren’t going to Taos they could attend the Pie Auction. The twins are in their last year of elementary school, so I guess it is fitting they get to attend the last pie auction opportunity.

Oh yeah, I had one more reason to stay home. I needed to re-attach the door on the chicken coop. I’m not sure how the door of the coop fell off.

Ivy: Hey dad, since you are staying home, you might want to put

the door back on the chicken coop. Me: What? Ivy: I’ll see you when I get back, love ya!