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Learn from History

Ok, I’ll say it, I like history. Not so much studying things like wars and stock market crashes and things like that. Well, I take that back, I did like studying things like that. But my favorite kind of history was sitting down with my grandfather, uncles, and even my parents and talking about family histories.

I love the stories of both sets of my grandparents living on the farms after their families arrived in the United States. In my case, those from that generation are gone, so I guess it is up to me to pass the history along.

If you pay attention to it history is a wonderful teaching tool. I’m sure you’ve heard; HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF!

I have four dogs; four big dogs. (I will get to history in a minute.) Three of the dogs are bred as livestock guardians. The other dog was bred to eat the food of the “guard” dogs before they can get it. None of the dogs actually guard anything. They mostly just hang around the house and shed hair. That’s it! I have three “shed” dogs and one eating dog.

Sometimes, our biggest “shed” dog wishes she could really guard something. However, she prefers guarding things down the road. Given the opportunity, Lizzie is really happy to go guard our neighbors stuff. Sadly, our neighbors aren’t appreciative of Lizzie’s skills.

Last Sunday, I heard my least favorite words spoken on this planet. “Has anyone seen Lizzie?” It could have been the names of any one of the other “shed” dogs and I hate that just as much. We don’t need to watch the eating dog as much because he know where his dog dish is and he’s coming back.

Those words start panic in our house. People getting dressed, throwing on coats and shoes, heading for the cars. The chase begins, looking for a dog that has an hour head start. This time our wonderful neighbor joined the chase.

I know, you think I have written this story before. Remember, HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF! and sometimes it gets better.

With my family (and neighbor) out looking for Lizzie, I decided to hide in the basement. Ten minutes into the chase I received a phone call from another neighbor.

Neighbor: Are you looking for a big fluffy white dog? Me: Does it shed?

OK, I didn’t really say that, but it would have identified my dog.

Me: My family is out looking right now! Neighbor: Well, it is over behind the barn, we tried to catch it and it just………on and on…….. Me: OK, I will head that way.

I didn’t really head that way, I was able to get Ivy and the twins headed that way so I could go back to hiding in the basement. After a short time everyone was back home including Lizzie.

Me: Does anyone know how Lizzie got out? Family: Maybe a hole in the pen or maybe the door was left open. Me: Boy Twin, could you check the dog pen for holes Boy Twin: I will check it.

It wasn’t long and I heard my second least favorite words. “Hey, the dogs just got out!” Construction language entered my brain. My favorite construction language.

Me: How did they get out? Boy Twin: There is a hole in the pen. Me: Why didn’t you tell me? Boy Twin: I was going to tell Grandma. Me: Go help get the dogs.

You see if you don’t learn from history you are going to be chasing dogs. Oh yeah, one other thing. Maggie is in the house “shedding”; you might want to knock.

Our crazy lives!


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