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The Dogs Need Outside!

Although Flood Monner happened last September, the challenges it brought with it just keep coming.

The twins’ bedrooms are finished and they are back in their beds. OK, not really finished; we still need to get window covering that match the new paint colors. That’s more of Elaine’s job. I learned a long time ago the colors in my house are not my decision. Man is king of the castle, my (construction language). Not in my house!

When Elaine picks out something for the house, she will ask “Do you like this for the house?”, I just answer, Yes, that (whatever) looks nice.” I have decided to say, “yes”, because I really have no say anyway. I am ususally more concerned about how hard I will need to work to incorporate that thing or color in HER home. OOPS, I got off track here! I was talking about Flood Monner.

The kids were without their rooms for over five months. They were sleeping in the house wherever they found comfortable. They fought each other for the living room couch. It was GREAT! Huh, great? Yep, with a kid on the couch and the couch by the front door, they were in a perfect spot to let the dogs in and out.

With four dogs (all with excellent hearing) we have the opportunity to let them outside plenty of times. Our dogs need outside everytime a coyote howls, a neighbor starts a tractor, a leaf blows by the house, or they want a human to get up and open a door. I know, you are thinking, “why don’t you get a doggie door?” we’ve thought about it. If you could promise me that only the dogs would use that door I would get one. It is when doogie doors become mountain lion doors that I think they lose a little effectiveness. OK, I’m not crazy about badgers, bobcats, foxes, skunks, (you get the picture) in the house, either.

With the kids safely in their rooms, in the basement, guess who gets to let the dogs in and out? Yep, Elaine and Ol’ Monner! Now, I don’t like to complain (OK, you know that’s a fib.) But the older I get, the less enjoyment I get out of getting up to let the dogs out. Let me tell you how this works, the dogs seldom go outside together (their choice). Maggie goes out to check things, she comes back in. Lizzie goes out, Walter waits a few minutes and he goes out to check on Lizzie. Walter comes back in, Lizzie stays out. Emma’s turn. Wait a minute, Emma is out, Maggie needs to find out why Emma is out. Three dogs out, one dog in. Emma gets bored, there is nothing outside to bark at that Lizzie and Maggie cannot take care of. Emma wants inside. Lizzie scratches on the door. She wants in. No she just wants to look in the open door. Nope, she is not finished barking so she turns around thinking “I might stay out a while.”

This sequence of events could happen (and does) several times a night. The kids, watching TV or sleeping in the basement, tell me they can’t hear the dogs at the door. Come to think about, they don’t hear me, either, unless, I’m telling them dinner is ready or a friend is on the phone.

At least, in the wee hours of the night they all go out together. That really isn’t a big deal, I need to get up and (aw, you know) anyway. Just a pleasure of growing old.

By now you should see why it was great to have the kids sleeping in the living room. Just another reason that Flood Monner was not all bad. I’m not sure I’m ready for another one, let me think about that for a while.

Our crazy lives!


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