I’m Not Getting Younger

Last year, I returned to the place of my first construction employment after being gone for 32 years. I’m not sure why I went all the way back to where I started, OK I am sure why I went back, Elaine forced me to get a job. She didn’t force me to take that job, but it was a job and it felt like I belonged there. However, in hind sight it makes me wonder what I was doing for 32 years I might have received a gold watch or a bronzed hammer had I stayed.

Now I have decided to take another step back in time. Like going back to work, this step back is not my idea. This time the twins are responsible for my return to yesterday.

Boy Twin: Monner, we want to play baseball. Me: Sounds great, Grandma and I will get you signed up. Girl Twin: We want you to be our coach. Me: Huh? Boy Twin: You coached our dad’s team, we want you to