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Who Would Have Thought?

I think I crossed an item off someone’s bucket list this past week. It wasn’t on my list, (I don’t really have one.) but I think it was on someone’s. I went jet skiing for the first time.

I had a good time, but it was not anything I would have chose to do. I have a cousin from Illinois in town. He suggested that we take the twins out on jet skis, if I could get off work. Jet skiing is more Ivy’s thing, so I tried to get her to take my place. Ivy informed me she had to teach a class in the store. Sometimes owning that store makes you go jet skiing, whether you want to or not.

I could have lived my entire life having never been on a jet ski, but I couldn’t find a way not to go. I know most people would love to take off from work, go to the lake and spend the day in the water. Nope, not me. I don’t do water. Water is cold. Water is seldom hot. I don’t like to swim. Swimming gets my beard wet. I don’t like to sit in hot tubs. I don’t like to ride boats. I’ve never water skied, and most likely won’t. I take showers, but they are really quick ones.

As I see it, the problem with water is that it is wet. I’ve been wet, it isn’t that great for me. I’m not sure I even like to drink water.

I had several aquariums when I was a kid. I saw what fish do in water. Why would I want to play in that? Never in my life, or any one else’s has a shark attacked on land. They do it only in the water. The Titanic sank in water. Had it been on land no one would have ever made a movie about it.

Speaking of the Titanic, Elaine and I went on a cruise once. It was a gift from an employer. I went because Elaine wanted to go. Have you noticed I am always doing something for others? We spent the better part of a week on a ship surrounded by water. I spent a bunch of time on the deck looking out at water. When you are looking at water it doesn’t matter if it is in a glass or splashing around, it still looks like water. Needless, to say, I’ve been on my last cruise, except maybe that Alaskan one. I think I could look over the top of all that water and see Alaska, I would have that on a bucket list, if I had one.

If you guys want, send me the items on your bucket list that you really don’t want to do. I will try to cross off an item or two. That’s what I do; I help people. If the item involves water, I will try to get Ivy to do it, she needs to get out of the store.

Our crazy lives!


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