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I Tried To Tell Them

I get my best ideas at night. My ideas usually don’t come as dreams. I wake up and think of my best ideas while I am waiting to go back to sleep. I think it is something I have taught myself to do.

I have written about some of my great ideas relating to the store. My family usually disregards my ideas and go about their merry, no-idea ways.

A few years back, I suggested we have knitting/weaving parties. My family listened to my idea and told me, “Hey that’s a great idea, did you notice the trash needs to be taken out?”

Me: We have several knit groups, why wouldn’t they want to have parties? Elaine: Why would a party be any different than what goes on now? Me: You aren’t understanding what I’m saying. The twins knit, spin, and weave. Their friends like to watch them doing it. Let’s have parties teaching kids fiber arts. Ivy: I see where you are going with this. Wow, that trash is really piling up.

I think this conversation happened just before I was fired at the store, and resumed my construction career.

I haven’t told anyone (until now) but, I have the password to the store’s email account. I still read some of the store’s emails. That is why I notice Ivy does not delete old emails. (I notice things)

A couple months ago I was reading store emails. Imagine my glee when I came across an email titled “Party spot?”. Seems a customer was looking for a venue to have a weaving/dyeing “BACHLORETTE” party. My mind was racing.

My first thought was, now they are going to need to admit, “Monner, you are a (construction language) genius!” Then I thought, “Oh no, its most likely going to be a bunch of senior ladies, what if they have seen me and want me to jump out of a cake?”

Nope, I was wrong! (Wow, it amazes me every time I say that!) The party ended up a bunch of lovely young ladies having a good time. (Just like most of my ideas, I wasn’t invited.)

After I have taken out the trash, I am going to tell Elaine and Ivy my next great idea. I’m thinking a really big omelette. (That’s for you, Ivy)

Our crazy lives!


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