Worth the Wait?

I know, I know! I haven’t written in a long time.

Sometimes “our crazy lives” are more crazy than not. Since I have last written, I have repaired a house damaged by a broken “butt” sprayer, replaced a septic tank at our house (yes, that was a ______ job, rhymes with kitty, use construction language), started indoor winter baseball with the twins, chased a yak for two hours (I haven’t done that in a while! Chasing a yak is like riding a bike, once you have mastered it, you never forget how), and moved the store to a new location!

Having said that, I know what my job is. It is 5:00 Saturday morning, the dogs and I are up writing crap for you to read. Ah heck, I wasn’t sleeping anyway, I might as well write a story. I’m not sure which one to write.