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What the (construction language) is Whelp?

Wow, this moving thing is rough. Not the actual moving of the stuff, that’s easy compared to what can happen next. Getting your customers to know and understand you have changed locations is what’s really tough.

In the “old days” you hung a sign in the window that you moved to a new location. Possibly, you needed to change an ad in the phone book; wait up to a year for the new phone book to come out. Your new ad would reflect your new address.

But this is the “instant” age. Your customers will drive up to your old location, if you’ve moved they will do one of two things. The first one is not good; they will go to your competitor. That can never be good. I’m reserving judgment on the next thing your customers will do.

Customers will get out their “smart” phone and “Bugle” (or Ding, or Yippee) your new location.

My kids explained Bugle, Ding and Yippee to me. They are like all knowing phone books. You can check out phone numbers, addresses and things like that. I’ve heard they do more than that, but, the kids are smart enough to provide me with only enough information they are sure I can understand. Maybe in a couple years they will tell me what those things really do.

If you have your store’s information with Bugle, your customer will call your store and ask ”why did you move? I live three blocks from your old store.” OK, in fairness some customers will tell you how happy they are that you moved. They will inform you they never liked the “old place”. The new store is on the way to their mother’s house. Truthfully, most of our customers like the new location and the new building, although the old store was “charming”. (If you don’t like the new location, you don’t like yarn (or me). There, I said it!

The problem in updating your address with Bugle, Ding and Yippee is how to contact them. Oh sure, they have a contact page. Does anyone really answer those emails?

This tech stuff really confuses me. I have the kids help me.

Me: Can you look up a phone number for me? I want to order a pizza. Kids: Why don’t you just “Bugle” it? Me: Huh? I just want to order pizza. Kids: You can “Bugle” the number. Me: If I could “Bugle” I wouldn’t have to ask you guys.

Ivy contacted Bugle, Ding and Yippee to make them aware of our change of address. We thought it was as simple as that. AND THEN! A customer called us on the phone. The customer informed Ivy, “I just “Bugled” you and “Whelp said you had closed!”

Although, the phone call seemed to upset Ivy, I’m glad she took the call. I didn’t even know what “Whelp” is/was. For those of you in the same boat as me. “Whelp” is this organization that rates restaurants, dentists, car shops and YARN STORES, etc.; to help customers make educated choices of businesses they would want to frequent.

“Whelp” uses “Bugle, Ding, and Yippee” to promote their services. It seems someone informed “Whelp” that Your Daily Fiber was closed. “Whelp” took it upon themselves to inform “Bugle, Ding and Yippee” that Your Daily Fiber had not only moved but had closed. Check it out for yourself!

I know it is hard to believe, but Ivy took offense to “Whelp” providing customers incorrect information. She needed to straighten them out.

If you look hard at the “Whelp” website you can actually find a phone number. Ivy called “Whelp”.

Ivy: Why are you saying Your Daily Fiber is closed? Whelp: Someone called us with that information. Ivy: Who? Whelp: We assume it was someone at Your Daily Fiber or someone associated with the business. Ivy: I would guess it wasn’t either of them due to the fact the information is incorrect. Whelp: And who are you? Ivy: I am the owner of Your Daily Fiber. Maybe you should have asked that of who provided you the incorrect information! Whelp: Let me correct the information immediately.

“Whelp” changed our address on their website, including adding pictures of our new building. They were quite easy to work with. Or so we thought. Another customer informed Ivy that “Whelp” continues to inform “Bugle, Ding and Yippee” users that Your Daily Fiber is closed.

Ivy called “Whelp” again.

Ivy: Hey, what’s up? (This is not really what was said, but I didn’t want you to know Ivy used construction language.) Whelp: We fixed it on our website. YOU need to fix it on Bugle, Ding and Yippee. Ivy: (Construction language) Whelp: I’m sorry, we have done everything we can do. Ivy: (Construction language) Me: Ivy, let me talk to them. Me: Let try to understand, you (Whelp) told Bugle, Ding and Yippie; Your Daily Fiber was closed and you can’t undo this? Whelp: Yes, you need to undo this. Me: And how do I do this? (I might have used a little construction language. I don’t remember, but it could have happened.) Whelp: You need to contact them. Is there anything else I can help you with? Me: Excuse me? Whelp: Is there anything more I can help you with? Me: Let me explain something to you. You haven’t HELPED me at all. Please don’t help me any more. (I’m sure I was thinking of using construction language by now. When I am dealing with upsetting people, construction language becomes my go to language.)

I am pretty sure I have damaged my friendship with “Whelp”. Oh well, I can’t “Bugle” them anyway.

Our crazy lives!


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