The Engineer

I haven’t written in a while. The truth is it has been pretty dull around here. If you haven’t noticed I write non-fiction. I don’t have much of an imagination, This life is crazy enough that I don’t have time to write about stuff that didn’t and can’t happen.

I do have a smart phone stories to tell; with the twin’s Christmas cell phones both received cases for their phones. The young lady at (sounds like Horizon) convinced Elaine and I to buy these super-duper cases by throwing her own phone across the store without it breaking. The cases were quite expensive, but if you have ever had to replace a broken phone you know a good case is worth it.

Boy Twin (our engineer) has a bad habit of taking things apart to see how they work. I observed him several times with his case off checking it out. Would you like to guess where this is going? Oh, come on, I could stop writing now if this story was that obvious.

Elaine had a repair project that needed Super Glue. Elaine searched the obvious places for Super Glue and was unable to locate the glue. She a