The Engineer

I haven’t written in a while. The truth is it has been pretty dull around here. If you haven’t noticed I write non-fiction. I don’t have much of an imagination, This life is crazy enough that I don’t have time to write about stuff that didn’t and can’t happen.

I do have a smart phone stories to tell; with the twin’s Christmas cell phones both received cases for their phones. The young lady at (sounds like Horizon) convinced Elaine and I to buy these super-duper cases by throwing her own phone across the store without it breaking. The cases were quite expensive, but if you have ever had to replace a broken phone you know a good case is worth it.

Boy Twin (our engineer) has a bad habit of taking things apart to see how they work. I observed him several times with his case off checking it out. Would you like to guess where this is going? Oh, come on, I could stop writing now if this story was that obvious.

Elaine had a repair project that needed Super Glue. Elaine searched the obvious places for Super Glue and was unable to locate the glue. She asked the family, “Have anyone seen the Super Glue?” Without exception, Ivy and the twins replied, “Not Me!”

Once again Not Me came into our house, this time taking our Super Glue. After a short investigation it was determined Boy Twin had the Super Glue before Not Me removed it from our house. Boy Twin is constantly engineering something in his room and Super Glue is one of his favorite engineering tools.

With the twin’s phones sitting side-by-side on the kitchen cabinets the adults noticed the phones looked different. Not the phones, just the cases. A short observation and conversation revealed Boy Twin’s phone case was broken.

Boy Twin’s phone case looked like it had melted. He told me he would never melt his phone by asking me. “why would I melt my phone case? Did you see that the holes at the buttons don’t line up?”

Elaine and I took the case back to (sounds like Horizon). The store clerk said, “Sir, this case has been melted. I would like to help you, but your 30 day warranty expired two days ago.”

I was looking a his two inch diameter ear plugs so I was having difficulty enjoying our conversation anyway. But when he told me it was out of warranty I decided we weren’t going to be friends. Elaine made me leave the store.

Disappointed, I went home to tell Boy Twin that warranties are time sensitive and he needs to tell us immediately when thing break. That was when he informed me he dropped his super-duper case breaking it. He used Super Glue to repair it. The Super Glue chemically melted the case. He didn’t lie! He didn’t melt the case, he glued it! He now is the proud owner of a chemically melted $100 phone case. I still don’t like the guy with the two inch diameter ear plugs.