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Easter, Locks and Yarn Fest

It is Easter Sunday, the sun is shining. It is beautiful here in Northern Colorado. The family is together. What could be better?

Although, I understand the stories must continue, I’m planning a day with NO craziness. It’s not going to happen the way I planned. It never does.

Boy Twin woke up this morning and informed me he knows how to break in our house using a credit card. He then proceeds to show me he wasn’t kidding. OK, I think I may have a little something to do with this.

Boy Twin and I were chatting about some of the weird things I’ve learned in my construction life, and breaking into doors when you have misplaced a key might have come up.

Thankfully, he told me he was considering a career as a locksmith. Just in case, you guys might want to add another lock to your doors. Don’t use a padlock; I might have taught him how to open them without a key also.

It was another weird week at the mall. We were scheduled to start framing the walls in one of the tenet spaces. Some construction language was exchanged between the owner of the frameastering company and my employer. When the pleasantries were over, the framers picked up their tools, their materials, their men and went home. (I don’t know if they actually went home, but I know they didn’t stay and work.) My employer said, “Hey Monner, you need to fiind someone to frame that space, I don’t think those guys aren’t going to help you any more.”

This mall thing is cutting to my yarn shop duties. We have a trade show coming up and I have been dyeing yarn for the show. Luckily the mall is just a few blocks from our store. When I’m not babysitting contactors or looking for contractors to babysit, I run over to the store to change the dye pots.

I will be at the store and some contractor in need of babysitting will call me on my smart phone.

Contractor: Hey Monner, where are you? Me: I’m dyeing yarn. Contractor: No really, where are you? Me: Really! I’m dyeing yarn, what do you want? Contractor: Oh……OK, I need to work by the wall and the electricians have their stuff there. Me: Well…….ask them to move it or move the (construction langauge) yourself. Don’t call me with this (constuction language) again. I’m trying to dye yarn.

I think I might be getting a little stressed.

Let’s enjoy this Easter. Don’t forget what it means. Maybe we can bring a little love back into this (construction language) world. God Bless you guys.

Share this last paragraph with your friends. Plan on attending Yarn Fest April 16-18. I’ve dyed some special yarn for you guys- If you guys don’t buy it, I will need to build more malls.

Our crazy lives!


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