Butch’s Buddy, Sherpas, the Beast and Walter

I live in the mountains. Not in the high mountains or really snowy mountains, but it is the mountains. Most days it is quite beautiful here. Some days it is a pain in the (construction language). This weekend are some of those days.

If you would look at a topographical map you would see a 7000′ contour line across exactly where our house is located.

If you have never looked at a topographical map and don’t know what a contour line is, you are most likely younger than I am and your school system has failed you. Simply put, my house is 7000′ above sea level.

Hey, I just thought of something. Scientists tell us the sea level is rising. My house might be slightly less than 7000′ above sea level. For those of you using the metric system my house is 2133.6 meters above sea level. To me 7000′ sounds higher than 2133.6 meters so, I am using 7000′ from now on.

As a kid, I wanted to live in the mountains. I saw some movie starring Butch Cassidy’s buddy and I was hooked. I guess I am living my dream. I have always admired the people of the high mountains. Those are some tough people, especially the Sherpa's of the Himalayas.

I’m not comparing my life to that of a Sherpa, but for a couple days every couple years, I live a life that makes me feel like a Sherpa. (Not a very good one.)

The very first weekend, after Elaine and I moved to our mountain home it snowed 60″. It was one of