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Fire Engine Red

It is spring time is Northern Colorado. It couldn’t get here a moment to soon. Last week’s 24″ of snow melted, almost. It has been a rough winter. I have little projects that I haven’t kept up on this past winter. I try to keep up but with the store, construction, winter baseball, wind and lousy weather; I have fallen behind.

I replaced the door knob and deadbolt a couple weeks ago. Our door knob wasn’t working correctly. Turning the knob did not guarantee that the door would open. The knob worked fine until Boy Twin showed me how to unlock the door with a credit card.

It is nice to have a new door knob. I picked up a nice one at The Orange Depot. It has a matching deadbolt lock. Only sixty five dollars for both. It was easy to remove the old parts and install the new door hardware.

Replacing the thirty year old door knob with something new made the rest of the door look dirty and old. Add paint to the front door to the list of spring chores. Elaine decided the door should be painted red, fire engine red.

While I was “helping” Elaine run the store Saturday, I asked Elaine if she wanted to run to The Orange Depot and pick up paint for the door. Elaine decided that maybe I should pick up the paint because there was a beginning knitting class about to start. I guess she didn’t want me to teach the class. Hmmm, come to think of it, I don’t even think she wanted me around for the class.

The Orange Depot does not have fire engine red paint. They have red, cherry red, crimson, berry red, brilliant red, and not so brilliant red, but no fire engine red. This is exactly why I wanted to teach the class and have Elaine pick the door paint. OK, I don’t know how to knit, but I don’t know how to pick door paint either.

What’s really great about The Orange Depot, is the fact that they have an entire staff that does not know what fire engine red is either. But that doesn’t stop them from helping you.

The paint “expert” at The Orange Depot was able to tell me the kind of brush I would need. He told me how much paint I should buy. He even showed me The Orange Depot does not have fire engine red paint. So he confused me by showing me the hundred reds they did have.

I picked cherry red paint. The expert was happy to mix the paint for me. We picked out a paint pan, paint roller, painter’s tape and a brush. I was sure I had all of this stuff at home. I bought it anyway. The expert thought a quart of paint should be enough to paint the door. I decided to buy a gallon. I didn’t want to run out of paint.

The paint expert marked the top of the can and said something remarkable, “I always tell my customers to use their smart phone and photograph the top of the can, That way should you ever need more paint we can match what’s in this can.”

I’m pretty sure I won’t be photographing the top of the can. I hope a gallon is enough. Oh yeah, Elaine approves of the red.

Our crazy lives!


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