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Father’s (Monner’s) Day and Sticky V’s

It’s finally here, Father’s Day. And I’m really going to enjoy it.

The kids have been sneaking around for days. Girl Twin told me not to buy anything I need for myself because I might be using up one of her good ideas. I’m not sure exactly what she meant by that. I needed two things last week; toothpaste and deodorant. I hope those weren’t her good ideas, but I didn’t buy them anyway. Oh come on, I wasn’t totally out. Plus, I can always use Elaine’s.

When I arrived home last night Boy Twin met me with a big grin on his face. He told me, “I got you the best Father’s day present today!” I should have been excited, however, I was aware that he had remained home all day and had not been anywhere to buy me a present. He must have meant he had someone else pick up a present that he will take credit for, That way he doesn’t need to use any of his own money. Kids are smart like that.

A couple days ago, Elaine asked what I wanted to do on Father’s Day. I had already planned my day. I was going to write a story. (Some of you get mad when I take a day off, and you’ve told me!) And then depending on the the rain forecast I was going to spray weeds. No golf for me! OK, I don’t play golf anyway. I was trying to trick you into feeling sorry for me.

Have you ever been typing your Sunday morning story and your v, b, and sometimes your space bar isn’t working? Elaine guessed someone spilled something in/on the keys. If you notice a word or two in this story that could use a v or b or a space, someone spilled something in the (construction language) keys.

I might have got distracted there. I apologize.

Elaine suggested we try a new restaurant in Wyoming or stay home and do something on the grill on Father’s Day. No, that doesn’t mean a road trip. Our home is actually very (there’s another “construction language” v again,) close to Wyoming, I’m not sure which one I will pick, but I am sure if I pick grilling I will be the griller. OK, Ivy (another v) grills also, but she is not writing this story.

(The v‘s seem to be sticking more than the b‘s.)

I do have on bit of good news. I was using the computer in the store when Ivy mentioned “Hey Monner, we’re getting a bunch of custom dye jobs.” I wanted to remind her that I was fired from the store and forced to take a job at the mall. I didn’t say anything. I’m thinking I might be able to get my old job back, I think I have some leverage to get even a better job at the store. Maybe I can be assistant manager. They always come crawling back.

This (construction language) missing v and b thing is driving me crazy! You guys have a great Father’s Day. If your dad is still here, he needs a hug.

Our crazy lives!


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