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Macaroni and Cheese, a Necklace and Bronco Hats!

I had big plans last Sunday. While the rest of Colorado was watching the football games, I thought it would be fun to take the family to the National Western Stock Show. As I have said before, I like football, I just don’t like to take the time to watch it.

For some reason, Boy Twin is following in my footsteps. He is now thirteen years old and I can honestly say, he has never watched a football game that he has not played in. He doesn’t have a favorite player and knows the names of only a handful of players.

Boy twin wasn’t crazy about going to the Stock Show. I had to bribe him with the chance to go to a “nice” restaurant to get him to come with the family.

I had a secret motive for attending the stock show. I intended on buying a baby yak. Of course, I couldn’t tell anyone of my intent. I wouldn’t have a bunch of support from the rest of the family. Baby yaks turn into full grown yaks and sometimes decide to bust through the fences, chase the rest of the family and need to be fed, even in snowstorms, (They also provide stories to be shared on Sunday morning.)

Shortly after arriving at the stock show, the Hoppin’ John magic beans kicked in. (You might need to read a couple old stories to understand.) I found no yaks to buy; none. Oh, the stock show has yaks for sale, it was just they they were gone by the time we got to the show.

I had just ridden in the truck with two teenagers for nothing. (I’m starting to hate all beans.) At least I was going to a “nice” restaurant. We walked around for a couple hours and started getting hungry.

At last, it was time to go. Now we get to pick the restaurant. Two teenagers and three adults picking a restaurant. I was thinking, “Come on beans, don’t fail me now!”

Well, once again the beans didn’t work. We could not come to a unanimous agreement on the choice of restaurant.

Elaine: Why don’t we go to the crab restaurant we like? Boy Twin: I don’t want crab. Me: What is it that you want? You like crab. Boy Twin: I don’t know, but I don’t want crab. Me: Well, I can’t just drive around until you decide what you want. You have been outvoted. We are having crab. Boy Twin: I should have stayed home.

Finally, something the family could agree on!

At the restaurant, Boy Twin ordered macaroni and cheese off the kids menu. He was going to show us how much he didn’t want crab. He ate his macaroni and cheese in about fifteen seconds. (I’m not kidding.) He started looking at the crab on everyone’s plates.

Boy Twin: Do you think I could get some more macaroni and cheese? Me: I don’t see why not.

Fifteen seconds after receiving his second bowl of macaroni and cheese he was finished again. He started looking at the crab.

Boy Twin: Grandma, are you going to eat all your crab? Elaine: I can share with you. Me: Boy Twin, maybe you should rethink………….. Boy Twin: I know, I know, I know………

He knows an awful lot for someone so young.

OK, it is time to share a story about the true meaning of Hoppin’ John.

Last fall we received a small shipment from one of our yarn vendors. One of the things the shipment contained was some packages of what looked like two knitting needles connected by a clear plastic cord.

Being the experienced store manger that I am, I asked what are these (construction language) things. Ivy reminded me who was in charge of the store, and explained the purpose of the “knitting needles”.

It seems the “knitting needles” could be transformed into a necklace. The yarn vendor was having a design contest for the designer who would submit the most creative necklace. Lacking any creativity, I shook my head and walked away realizing Ivy wanted to enter the design contest.

Ivy went to work designing a lace and bead necklace. After several weeks, the necklace was ready to be submitted for the contest. If you read these stories, you know that Ivy’s necklace placed in the top ten necklaces submitted to the yarn company. Well, the story gets better. Ivy’s necklace placed first of the top ten winning the grand prize.

I couldn’t be prouder. I am so glad I encouraged her to order the “knitting needle” necklace blanks. (Forget what you’ve read before,) Ivy is as talented as her father, with a little prodding.

The story doesn’t stop there, There is more to Ivy’s design career.

We had some Denver Bronco colored yarn in the store. I asked Ivy to design a pattern using the “Bronco” yarn so we could get the yarn out of the store. (I love when I get to write about me!) Ivy wrote a knitting pattern for a “Bronco” themed stocking cap. She placed the pattern on a nationwide knitting website. Ivy decided to give away the pattern for free.

Ivy’s pattern was given away almost nine hundred times. Yes, I said nine hundred.

If the Broncos win the Super Bowl because 900 people are wearing Ivy’s hat, they owe her a BIG thank you.

Ivy, you are the real deal.

Go Broncos!

Our crazy lives!


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