Boy Twin's New Friend

This is the story of Boy Twin's sleepover. Not a sleepover he attended, this is a story about a sleepover Boy Twin hosted.

A couple months ago, Boy Twin had a new friend. His new friend, a boy, had moved to the area from Las Vegas by way, of Compton. Yes, folks that will get your attention.

Next Boy Twin proceeds to tell me the friend knows gang signs and is teaching them to Boy Twin. I went from paying attention to being laser focused.

Boy Twin: My friend wants to spend the night with me. Me: I don't see that happening. I don't think I'm going to like this kid. Boy Twin: Why? He is really funny and nice. Me: Grandma and I are going to need to meet the kid and his parents. But I will tell you I'm not impressed about this gang sign thing.

At Girl Twin's softball game some kid walks up to me and introduces himself, Mr. Monner, I'm #$%^^*. (gang sign kid). He looks like a kid. I was expecting the worst, and I didn't get it. Standing in front of me is a well dressed, good looking kid. He spent the next 45 minutes with me.

During our 45 minute conversation this boy tells me he recently got a "B" on his report card. It was his first "B". Then he tells me how much it disappointed him. Uh Oh, Monner, you might have this kid wrong. This kid is an "A" student.

Now I'm totally confused. The boy then tells me he enjoys all sports, hunting, knitting and crocheting (I'm not kidding). I'm wondering if I'm standing with Eddie Haskell or the greatest kid on the planet. (I realize some of you won't get the Eddie Haskell thing. I'm sorry, you are too young. Eddie was from the time when television was entertaining. Check the internet.)</