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Monner and the State Patrol

I know it’s Mother’s Day and I usually write something “beautiful” for Mother’s Day. Elaine’s words, not mine. But today I am not writing about anything beautiful. Oh, I wrote something for Mother’s Day a couple weeks ago. I going to post it today after this one.

This story is about law enforcement, Yes, I received a traffic citation, a ticket. Don’t get me wrong, I deserved it. But that doesn’t stop me from being angry about it.

I was driving through one of the residential areas from one house to another, when I spotted a Colorado State Patrol vehicle parked along the side of the road.

If you been to Colorado you know the State Patrol are the guys who wear police uniforms and wait to get involved in cleaning up accidents and give people citations. If they aren’t cleaning up accidents, they sit on the side of the road and wait to give citations. If they aren’t doing one of the previous things I just described they drive around, wearing uniforms trying to located the freshest doughnuts. Hey, I don’t make the rules, I just observe those paid to enforce them.

As I was saying, I was driving through a residential area with my work associate when we spotted the patrolman. Neither one of us were wearing our seatbelts.. Of course, after noticing the patrolman, we calmly put on our seatbelts. Too late, the lights were on and patrolman was behind me. I pulled over.

As he approached the truck I don’t think he was in a good mood, He asked me why I was wearing my seatbelt.

Me: Because I saw you. Cop: You weren’t wearing it when I first saw you, I was able to video you. But I stopped you for two reasons. What do you think the speed limit is here? Me: I have no idea, 35? Cop: It is 30 MPH and you were going 36. Me: Well, you got me.

He asked for my license and stuff, which I gave him. He took the vital information and went back to his car. Waiting for the police is really stressful and takes a long time. You can never be sure what they are looking for and consequently will find. I was pretty sure my record was clean, so I always assume the patrolman just got word the doughnuts are fresh and he was “Googling” a route to the café.

The patrolman came back.

Cop: Your friend didn’t have his belt on either. Me: No he did not. Cop: I can give you a ticket that will cost $98.00 and one point for speeding, or I can give you a ticket for $78.00 for not wearing your seatbelt and another $78.00 for your friend not wearing his belt. The seatbelt tickets will not cost points against your license. I have decided to do a favor for you and give you a ticket for one seatbelt.

I know he thought he was doing me a favor, but a real favor would have not given me any ticket, Oh well, I deserved the ticket(s) and everyone needs to make a living. It should have been over there.

But, it wasn’t. I started to notice that he was adding my name to every sentence . I asked my workmate, “Does he sound condescending to you or is it just me?” My buddy replied, “He is being an (construction language), (another construction language) him.”

The patrolman handed me a ticket and reminded me of the favor he had given me. It should have been over there. But it wasn’t. The patrolman had to say one more thing. “Is there anything ELSE I can do to HELP you?”

I have a hard time guessing what he did to help me. He kept the location of the freshest doughnuts to himself!

Now I think I need to speak with him one more time. I think it might be worth some extra cash to watch his video in court. While I have him tied up in court, you guys go get his share of doughnuts.


I hope you read both postings today. Happy Mother’s day

Our Crazy lives!


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