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Summer’s End and Grandma’s Bike

I’m ready for the summer to be over. OK. maybe not totally over, but I’m ready for the twins to go back to school.

We accomplished a lot this summer. Our baseball season is finished. We’ve been to Yellowstone. We dug a pond for our ducks in our yard. That one I wasn’t planning on. We had a perfectly, good plastic swimming pool the ducks could swim in, and then, someone’s brother (mine) hatched a couple dozen ducklings and gave five to someone (Ivy) and the next thing you know someone (Ol’ Monner) is outside digging a duck pond.

OK, the family might tell a slightly different story. They might say that Ivy and Boy Twin started digging the pond with shovels. They might say that I saw them digging and realized how serious they were about a new pond, so I helped them with the tractor. However, if they want the story told like that, maybe they should write their own.

I’m kind of sad baseball is over. I had a blast. Girl Twin’s baseball year was complete with an unofficial record. While batting, she was hit by more pitches than anyone, ever. I might be exaggerating, but it makes for a better story.

It got so bad for Girl Twin she became terrified to bat. One time, I actually promised her that she was batting against the pitcher that would not hit her. After telling her that, the pitcher hit her in the middle of the back on the next pitch. I think I lost a little credibility on that one.

The team won their end of the year tournament. Each kid walked off with a trophy. I think Girl Twin deserved another trophy for her unofficial record, But I wasn’t in charge of that. We did take her to eat after every game. Come to think of it, we took Boy Twin also, that doesn’t seem fair.

I mentioned Yellowstone was great. It’s the coming back from Yellowstone that makes me want the summer to be over. Boy Twin is determined to make me crazy.

I saw him surfing the web (You are surprised I know that term aren’t you?) last week. He was looking a videos of making your own go cart. I didn’t give it a second thought. Well, I should have!

The next day Boy Twin called me while I was at work.

Boy Twin: Grandma hasn’t ridden her bike for a while, can I have it? Me: You have a bike, why do you want Grandma’s? Boy Twin: I’m going to cut it up and use it for my go cart. Me: Well, that’s not going to happen. Boy Twin: She’s not using it. Me: You are not cutting up that bike. That bike is special……and don’t you cut up your own bike. Boy Twin: Then I think she should ride it. Me: stay away from that bike!

Grandma’s bike IS special. That bike was a gift from me to Elaine for our first wedding anniversary. It is in pristine condition, albeit 38 years old. Elaine bought a matching bike for me at the same time. Some people buy matching coats, matching rings, matching chairs, you get it. We bought bikes. ( I still have mine, but I have had a couple others also.)

I arrived home that night to find a wooden framework for his go cart on the front porch. Just sitting there waiting for bike pieces to finish the job.

According to the internet you can power a go cart with a cordless drill. I have a cordless drill. Actually, I have three. Sadly, Boy Twin will not be absconding one of my cordless drills either.

Boy Twin and I sat down to price out his go cart. He has decided garage sales would be the answer to his go cart dilemma. I think he would give up on this go cart idea if school would start.

Of course, writing this story made me realize everything that I wanted to get done. I wanted to rebuild the deck on our house. We still need to participate in the Yarn Crawl at the store. We have two more fiber shows, including another one in Jackson, Wyoming.

OK, you’re right. I have nothing to do with the Yarn Crawl and fiber shows. However, I do need to cover for the others. That’s hard, too.

I wish the summer was over.

Our crazy lives!


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