The Festival and the Start of School

Summer is officially over. School starts tomorrow. Well, its kind of already started, but we need to talk about a couple other things first.

Last weekend was the New West Fest in our town. Elaine and Ivy debated this year whether to participate or not. I was definitely in the do not participate camp. When Elaine and Ivy read this you might hear some yelling. They seem to think I was in agreement that we should be a part of the festival again. Actually, when they were debating, I accidentally stopped listening. I thought they were asking me if I wanted dinner when I said yes.

Based on the previous paragraph, you can guess it didn’t go well for us. Before you start feeling sorry for Elaine and Ivy (and me), let me finish the story.

The festival organizers put Elaine’s booth in the same area as a “let’s get out the vote” booth.

Before I go any farther, let me give you my thoughts on voting. (Oh-oh, Elaine just got her hackles up. She thinks I’m getting political.) If you can’t look around and see that you need to vote, you don’t deserve to vote.

The “Let’s get out the Vote” booth was passing out pins if they could get you to register. The pins said, “VOTE F$CKER” If that pin gets you to vote, you are too STUPID to vote. Someone please tell me what happened to us.

That said, the booth registered hundreds of people in various levels of sobriety for a free pin. God, help us.