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Halloween Yarn

Ivy has been pretty busy in the store this past week. Ivy has decided we need to dye some Halloween themed yarn.

Ivy has always liked Halloween and has always wanted to make a big deal out of it. When Ivy makes a big deal of something, somehow I get dragged along. When she was in elementary school, I took her Trick-or-Treating. She was dressed as a spider and I was dressed as Miss Muffett. Ivy collected a bunch of candy that night. I didn’t get any candy, as most people asked me to wait out by the street. At least no one called the cops.

Where was I? Oh yeah, I was talking about dyeing Halloween yarn. Ivy thought we needed to dye some self-striping sock yarn themed for Halloween. Personally I don’t like to dye self striping yarn. It is simply too much work. Especially when the stripes are multi-colored.

I mentioned to Ivy we sold Halloween yarn last year.

Ivy: Yes, we dyed it and it all sold, didn’t it. Me: OK, I’ll dye some orange and black. Ivy: I don’t want orange and black. Me: Halloween is orange and black. Ivy: We need to think of something beside pumpkins. Me: OK, I will leave some yarn white and we can sell it as skeleton. Skeletons are white.

Ivy didn’t think the skeleton idea was that great. She got the rest of the family involved and the next thing I know, I’m dyeing “Dracula”, “brains” and “mummy” inspired yarns. I’m still dyeing an orange and black. “pumpkin” yarn, because I don’t like to lose an argument.


I attended a couple of Girl Twin’s middle school volleyball games. I haven’t been to any of Boy Twin’s cross country matches, but neither has he.

Boy Twin tweaked his knee in the first meet and was told by his coach and the doctor to take the year off. He limped around for more than a week before we forced him to the doctor. I think he knew they were going to tell him he was done for the year.

So……..he volunteered to become the team manager for the girls volleyball team. I didn’t think that was a good idea. I thought he was a little too anxious to be close to his sister’s team. He doesn’t mind turning into the dominating twin when it comes to sports.

Anyway, his sister said it was going to be OK and the volleyball coach actually encouraged it.

Our middle school’s volleyball ball team is like watching Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. When that team is good they are very good, but when they are bad, well, they’re pretty bad.

Our team was playing Ivy’s old middle school’s team. Our team didn’t play very well. To make matters worse the opposing coach/cheerleader would cheer every time his team made a point. ”Uno, Dos, Tres, Say What, Say What? ….Ace!” The game is played until one team or the other scores 25 points. One team needs to win two games. Check my math, but I think that is 50 times, I listened to a grown man stomp his feet and yell, “Uno, Dos, Tres, Say What, Say What? ….Ace!”. I really enjoyed the game.

At the second game this week, Boy Twin was asked to help the referees determine which balls were in bounds. I might have been a little bored, OK, I was bored so I decided to heckle Boy Twin a little. OK, I just asked him to move a little to the left, he was in my way. He laughed and stood exactly where he was.

At a time out (a break in the action) I looked up to see the a teacher talking to Boy Twin. After the game, I asked what the conversation was about. Boy Twin told me she told him, “He was doing great, she was proud of him and any balls close to the line make sure he awards the point to our team.

We take our middle school volleyball very serious here.

Our crazy lives!


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