No Leaves Today

We don’t open the store on Sunday. We decided a couple years ago that our family needs one day off each week to do family stuff. If you are thinking by family stuff, I mean, skiing, fishing or taking day trips that would be a really good guess, but it would be wrong.

Elaine and I have been planning to a daytrip to see the fall colors in the mountains. We started talking about it a month ago. We haven’t made it yet.

Today looked like the day it was going to happen. I thought I was going to write a story early this morning and then we would take off. As luck would have it, before I could even get the coffee made an electrician friend called. “I’m coming up to install heat lamps in your chicken coop. Do you have everything I need?” I knew the only fall colors that I was going to see today were the colors on our property.

To make the day even better my friend asked:

Friend: Is there chicken poop in the coop? (He didn’t say poop. He used construction language) Me: It’s a chicken coop. of course there is poop in the coop. Friend: I don’t like poop, man. I don’t like poop. Me: Well don’t look at it.

I tried to do all the work inside the coop to keep my friend away from the poop. My friend insisted on doing some of the work inside the coop.

Friend: I don’t like poop. Me: Your dad is veterinarian, how can you be afraid of poop?