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No Leaves Today

We don’t open the store on Sunday. We decided a couple years ago that our family needs one day off each week to do family stuff. If you are thinking by family stuff, I mean, skiing, fishing or taking day trips that would be a really good guess, but it would be wrong.

Elaine and I have been planning to a daytrip to see the fall colors in the mountains. We started talking about it a month ago. We haven’t made it yet.

Today looked like the day it was going to happen. I thought I was going to write a story early this morning and then we would take off. As luck would have it, before I could even get the coffee made an electrician friend called. “I’m coming up to install heat lamps in your chicken coop. Do you have everything I need?” I knew the only fall colors that I was going to see today were the colors on our property.

To make the day even better my friend asked:

Friend: Is there chicken poop in the coop? (He didn’t say poop. He used construction language) Me: It’s a chicken coop. of course there is poop in the coop. Friend: I don’t like poop, man. I don’t like poop. Me: Well don’t look at it.

I tried to do all the work inside the coop to keep my friend away from the poop. My friend insisted on doing some of the work inside the coop.

Friend: I don’t like poop. Me: Your dad is veterinarian, how can you be afraid of poop?

Things seemed to going well, and then my friend placed his hammer on the ground. You guessed it, in fresh chicken poop. Sadly for him, he did not see where he had placed his hammer and picked up the hammer complete with fresh chicken poop. He started gagging. The more he gagged, the more Ivy and I laughed.

We finished the heat lamps. I’m not sure my friend will ever come to my house again. I am sure he will never go in our chicken coop.

It was too late to get to go on our day trip by the time he was finished. The wind is blowing the leaves off the trees on our property. I’m planning to see the colors next year.

Leaves at home.

Our crazy lives!


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