Holiday Tradition

As I have written before, it has become a tradition in our family to use Thanksgiving weekend to go farther into the mountains of Northern Colorado and cut down the family Christmas tree. Well, this year we broke from tradition.

Ivy and Elaine made the decision to open the store Black Friday and (Multi-colored) Saturday. That left Sunday to schedule our day for cutting the tree. This year, Girl Twin was invited to a sleep over. birthday party. A decision had to be made.

Girl Twin: I’ve been invited to (this girl’s) birthday party Saturday night. Its a sleep over. Me: Sunday is the day we are going to the mountains to cut our Christmas tree. Girl Twin: Well, can’t we do both? Me: How would you be getting home Sunday MORNING and what time in the MORNING would you get home. Girl Twin: You could come and get me. Me: That’s not going to happen, I have things to do on Sunday morning before we go to the mountains. Girl Twin: I really want to go to the sleep over. What do you need to do Sunday morning? Me: Well, for one, I need to write a story. I have people depending on me. You make the decision; either sleep over or tree cutting.

Truthfully, this is not a decision I would have left to a child (or an adult child). I had already checked the weather report. Sunday forecast was to be windy and cold. I’m not into windy and cold. I was pretty sure we were going to postpone the tree cutting at least another week.

Girl Twin chose the sleep over. Unfortunately, for the rest of the family, the weather wasn’t really as bad as the forecast. We could have kept with the tradition, but Girl Twin was at a sleep over.

The sleep over gave Boy Twin a reason to complain about Girl Twin. He usually doesn’t need a reason to complain about his sister, but this time he didn’t need to make something up.

Anyway, today is tree cutting day. Girl Twin has proudly proclaimed she isn’t going to a sleepover this weekend, so we can go this weekend. Truthfully, she doesn’t have a sleepover to go to, so the decision not to go to one is really easy for her.