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If you are reading Monner's Mumblings today, you might have noticed something is wrong. You most likely noticed Monner's Mumblings just doesn't look right.

Last week I reported, Monner's Mumblings would loose its' access to the internet on March 20th. Well, Ivy saved the day! Or at least she saved Monner's Mumblings.

However, gone are the bright colors. Gone are the llamas from the top of the page. But fear not, Elaine and Ivy are redesigning the look of Monner's Mumblings. It should have bright colors and maybe even pictures of llamas.

I'm not sure what Monner's Mumblings will look like when Elaine and Ivy are finished with it. Sadly for me, I will have no input in the look of my stories, just like most things related to Your Daily Fiber.

Elaine told me she likes fonts better in this program than in the old program. Fonts; Elaine has an opinion on fonts.

Before I thank Ivy for her HARD work saving Monner's Mumblings, I would like to complain about needing to learn to work this new program. I like things that feel comfortable. This program just doesn't feel comfortable yet. But it does have really good fonts.

Thanks, Ivy. OK, lets get started!

I should probably warn you, you are not reading a story that you have read before. Boy Twin and I took a trip to the Emergency Room, again. This time. Boy Twin broke a bone in his hand.

Last weeks district wrestling championships turn out to be a couple of life lessons for Boy Twin.

The wrestlers from Boy Twin's middle school needed to be at the local high school extremely early for weigh-ins. Being that most of the boys live outside of town, the team decided to all spend the previous night at one boy's and go to the weigh-in together. Seemed like a good idea.

That idea didn't work out all that well for Boy Twin. One of the things that I passed down genetically to Boy Twin, is our allergy to cats. Unfortunately, the house held the wrestler slumber party was not only full of wrestlers, it was full of cats.

By morning, Boy Twin was on his way to some breathing problems. He could have called Elaine, Ivy or me and we could have removed him from the house. He didn't. He did call to ask for an inhaler.

I'm not a doctor, but I know that breathing easily is pretty important when wrestling. (I didn't need to actually say that, but I like to include myself in my writings.) Boy Twin didn't wrestle well and lost to wrestlers he had beaten earlier in the year.

Life Lesson #1- Cats=Breathing difficulties=Lost matches. It is possible he would have lost anyway, but he had no chance.

Another genetic trait he might have got from me, was a quick temper. (More likely it was from Elaine. You don't believe me, just wait until she reads this.) After being eliminated from the tournament, Boy Twin thought it would be a good idea to smack the mat. Someone should have told him you can break a bone doing that.

Life Lesson #2-Punching wrestling mat=broken bone=trip to ER.

If a person can have fun at an ER, Boy Twin and I had it. The ER was brand new and had opened only nine days before. Our last trip to the ER was in the old ER.

The new ER was pretty cool. Everything was new, including the receptionist. Boy, was she grumpy. I think it might have been too early in the day for her.

Receptionist: Why are you here? Are you the father? Is your insurance the same? Is the address the same? (You know the drill)

Boy Twin and Me: My hand hurts and is swollen. Yep, yep and yep.

Receptionist: Have a seat in the waiting room. You can have coffee, but he can't have anything until he's seen by the doctor.

It wasn't what she said, it was the tone. I offered Boy Twin a cup of hot chocolate. Elaine most likely would not have done that, but she wasn't there.

Once inside the examining room the nurse starting asking those nurse type questions. And then she asked "the questions."

Nurse: I see you were here recently, is everything alright at home?

Boy Twin: Yes.

Nurse: Do you want to hurt yourself and others?

Boy Twin: No

Nurse: Are you happy?

Boy Twin has now realized whats going on. He turned around to look where I was sitting and laughed. I think for a second he considered sending me to jail.

Anyway, x-rays, temporary cast and schedule a follow up visit with our family doctor and we were on our way.

Before leaving the ER the Boy Twin and I received exiting instructions from the nurse.

Nurse: Please follow the arrow on your way out.

Me: OK

Nurse: Please! That is the director down there, if you go out the wrong way I will get yelled at.

Me: I was hoping a director would have more to do.

The arrows directed us to a set of automatic doors that had fallen off the tracks. A construction worker was trying to make the doors operable. Boy Twin and I were forced to abandon the path of arrows and find our way out. I hope the director didn't see us.

I do have some construction experience so I took the liberty to comment to the construction worker.

Me: Oops!

Worker: Hey dude, this building is only nine days old; were bound to have some glitches.

Me: Hey dude, I'm over (big number) and I'm in better shape than that door.


Sorry this is so late. This time change is messing me up.

Our crazy lives!


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