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Y2Monner and Jewel Tones

Today is March 19th, 2017. That makes tomorrow Y2Monner. Last month, I received notice from our website host that on March 20, 2017, Monners Mumblings would lose access to the internet. Luckily, we have been through this before. Do you remember Y2K?

When our web host informed us of impending doom, I did the same thing I did before January 1, 2000. I bought blankets and bottled water.

While I was buying water, Ivy started calling website geniuses, to learn what she needed to do to save Monner's Mumblings. Ivy believed Monner's could be saved. Me? I wasn't so sure, she was talking to the same guys that got me to buy water the last time.

Ivy: Monner, we can fix this.

Me: What makes you so sure? Help me clear this shelf, I can put more bottles there.

Ivy: Monner, calm down. I am backing up all the old stories, we will have them copied in a couple days.

Me: I see what you are doing. You are copying the stories to the same computer that is going to crash March 20th.

Ivy: I have all the information I need to transfer the stories to a new web host.

Me: That's great. What color blanket do you want?

Ivy: The old web host has been very helpful, he has given me everything we need to save Monner's. We will even be able to do a bunch of new stuff, like adding pictures and email the stories to your readers.

Me: I guess it's not the end of the world if Monner's Mumblings dies. At least, I still have your mother.

Ivy: Monner, The old host told me he has everything backed up. He will help us get it back on the internet should it disappear.

Me: I'm buying more water.

OK, Some of what I just wrote didn't really happen. HOWEVER, if all the i's weren't dotted and t's weren't crossed, Monner's Mumblings might be gone for awhile. You might want to buy a new blanket.


On a happier note, the month of March is also the start of Interweave's Yarn Fest. March 30th to be exact. I have been dyeing self-striping yarn so Elaine and Ivy can attend another show that I will not be apart of. If that sounded a little bitter, just wait.

I was dyeing yarn, enjoying myself and Elaine walks up to me and says, "You need more jewel tones." It's not that I don't like jewel tones, it's just I wasn't dyeing jewel tones, yet.

Now I'm sorry, but I don't believe Picasso's wife walked up to Pablo and said, "You need more jewel tones." Mr. Whistler was allowed to paint his mother in colors Mr. Whistler chose. Why does my wife need to tell me what colors"I" need?

Plan on seeing the "jewel tones" March 30-April 2 at the Embassy Suites, in Loveland, Colo. If jewel tones aren't your "cup of tea" Elaine and Ivy will have some pastels and even some "dirt" colors. Take some home.

Our crazy lives!


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