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Four Days

Its been a hectic week for Ol' Monner. I have procrastinated to the point where I might be in a little trouble getting finished dyeing yarn for Yarn Fest. It is not my fault!

Ivy, Elaine, the twins and future home buyers are clearly the problem. Not one of those people told me how little time I had left. Oh sure, Ivy and Elaine let me know that Yarn Fest starts on March 30th, but they didn't tell me March 30th is only four days away. See, it's not my fault.

Elaine did tell me I needed more jewel tones. Not one time did she tell me I needed more jewel tones in four days.

Looking back, Ivy might have tried to warn me. I kind of remember Ivy telling me, "You might want to get off *%$book, and start dying yarn." She could have been more specific; she could have said, "You are going to need some jewel tones in four days, maybe you should forego all of your well deserved breaks and get back to work." I'm no mind reader. Ivy could have told me exactly what was needed to be done.

I don't like Yarn Fest anyway. What do I get from it? Hundreds of potential customers ( mostly women) shop for yarn and attend classes at the hotel/conference center down the road. Sounds kind of fun, doesn't it? Well, not for me.

For me, it means having jewel tone colored fingers. Ivy bought me a pair of rubber gloves. I try to remember to wear them, but it is extremely hard to remember to put the gloves on and think about the perfect jewel tone. Plus, I think the rubber blocks my creativity. Leonardo DaVinci did not wear gloves painting the Mona Lisa. He knew he couldn't perfect that famous smile wearing rubber gloves. I'm an awful lot like Leonardo when it come to rubber gloves.

I think I might have drifted off the topic. I was talking about Yarn Fest. Yarn Fest means I am going to be carrying boxes of yarn, (after the dyeing is done) and hanging yarn in the booth. This would be a good time to talk about that.

Hanging yarn on hooks in the booth is not as easy as it sounds. I get the yarn nicely hung and Elaine will move the yarn so the jewel tones match. Elaine thinks the colors should blend and flow. Why does she invite me to hang the yarn if she is going to move it later?

I don't know why Yarn Fest attracts mostly women. Men like soft sweaters and socks. I don't think men realize what I do to to get ready for Yarn Fest. If more men would show up, Elaine might actually let me stay after the work was over. You guys like color, we could talk about it. You can show me your tattoos and I will show you my fingers. It will be fun.


The twins have not made my dyeing any easier. Girl Twin is playing softball and Boy Twin is helping manage the girl's softball team. The girl's coach asked Boy Twin asked to help with the team. I tried to warn the softball coach Boy Twin might try to take over coaching Girl Twin. I guess we're going to try it anyway. My job is pick the twins up from practice and go to the games. Man, this dyeing is hard.

I have two houses under construction. That's cutting into dyeing time. Not too much though; I usually sneak away and get a couple skeins handled every couple hours. The construction crews have never asked why my fingers are green, purple, and blue. All dark jewel tones, of course.

Holy cow, I just looked at the clock. I have only four days left for dyeing.

Our crazy lives!


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