I'm Not Bitter

Yarn Fest has come and gone. Regardless of what you are about to read here, I'm not bitter.

I'm actually glad I had to watch the store, while Ivy and Elaine enjoyed themselves interacting with hundreds of fellow yarn enthusiasts at Yarn Fest. You will never hear me complaining that the only time I spent at Yarn Fest was setting up and taking down the booth. OK, in fairness, I did stop by the Yarn Fest to bring more yarn.

I didn't get to hear first hand, the lady telling her friends, "I know this store, it is the one with the funny blog." Nope, I didn't hear that first hand. Not while I was sitting in the chair at the store waiting on the few customers that didn't attend Yarn Fest. Nope, I had to wait to hear compliments that were "directed" at me, I had to hear them second hand repeated by Ivy. (Man, That's a lot of negatives. I hope there aren't any English teachers reading this.)

I need to say, it lessens the compliment a little when Ivy prefaces the compliment with, "It was really no big deal." I think she deliberately made it, "not a big deal." But I'm not bitter.

When God gives me lemons, I'm the kind of guy that makes lemonade. While I was not hearing MY compliments, I was playing some very entertaining games of Solitare and Mahjong on the computer. I don't usually boast, but I had some really high scores.

After the show closed for the evening I tried to share my score with Elaine and Ivy. They didn't really seem interested. They were talking about all the old friends they saw and how much fun they had at Yarn Fest. Not bitter, though. I scored 6685 points on Klondike, in case someone was wondering.

It wasn't like I didn't have interaction with customers. I had a bunch of people stop buy and tell me what a great time they had at the (construction language) Yarn Fest. They didn't actually say (construction language), I added that. The guy that delivers sandwiches droppe