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Ankles, Shopping Carts and Snow

Before we start talking about yarn I would like to talk about my other favorite subject........ME!

I have a phobia. I don't think about my phobia everyday, but when the conditions are right, it scares the (construction language) out of me. My phobia can only take place in places like grocery stores and big box stores.

I am terrified of someone getting behind me with their shopping cart and running over the backs of my ankles.

Oh, I know its cute when you let your toddler push the cart around the store to keep them entertained. I know that sometimes your grandmother can get a little absent minded looking for lemon-pepper. I know that some grandfathers will run over your ankles just because they are in a hurry. (Not me, but other grandfathers.)

I just need you to know when I hear you sneaking up behind me with a shopping cart, I (one) start to panic a little: (two) I'm planning my retaliation.

With that in mind, I found out this past week, I have a new phobia. The condition were perfect for a new phobia. You're going to have to stay with me for a while.

It has been extremely dry this spring in Northern Colorado. We have been in desperate need of moisture. However, a person must be careful what they wish for.

Last weeks weather forecast was calling for a rain/snow mix later in the week. I was thinking that would be a good thing. Until I awoke Thursday morning to find a blanket of snow outside and no electricity in the house.

When you live in an urban area losing electricity is a problem, but it is not insurmoutable. In an urban area some things continue to work. In rural areas nothing works. We have electric pumps that pump our water from wells beneath the surface of the earth. No electricity, no pump.....No pump, no water in the toilets.......No (well, thats a problem!)

When Elaine and I moved to the mountains, we knew we could have days like this. However, the last time we lost power like this was thirteen years ago.

Well, this no toilet thing was a problem. But heck, I'm a guy. I've seen male dogs, I will just go outside and find a car tire. I put on my coat and plastic Frocs on my feet and headed outside. Walking across our deck was no problem until I got to the stairs. Not a big set of stairs, just three stairs.........three snow covered stairs! Plastic shoes.........snow; what a ride!

Being the fantastic skier (nordic) that I am, I refused to go down, It was the most exciting 1/10 of a second of this year. Until I realized I had scraped the back of ankle on the last tread of the stairs. The pain was just like having someone run up the back of your leg with a shopping cart. I haven't refined this new phobia yet. I'm not sure I am terrified of plastic shoes, snow covered steps or car tires. This is going to take some time.

Elaine was great. She took three Band-Aids and made one big one, not to mention she knew exactly where the Neosporin was in the medicine cabinet and found it without the benefit of electricity.

If you live in a city, stay there. It's scary out here.

Honestly, I don't feel like talking about yarn today.

Our crazy lives!


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