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Summer's Coming and Best Dude Ranch

Can you believe it's May 1st tomorrow? The twins have less than a month of school left for this year. Of course, they could quit tomorrow and it wouldn't hurt them. The rest of the year is filled with field trips and no work days.

I'm a little concerned about what the summer brings. Not so much for me, I'll be dyeing yarns and building houses. Boy Twin has played himself onto a baseball team that is associated with his future high school. He is scheduled to play fifty-five games. The games are all played within a fifty mile radius of our home town. I think we (Elaine and I, maybe Ivy) will be required to get him to all of the games.

I played baseball. I couldn't depend on my parents to DRIVE me to practice and the games fifty miles away. I played baseball with the neighborhood kids, I rode my bike. My parents watched some of the games, but they drove to the game AFTER I rode my bike to the field.

Did I mention I used a wooden bat? I'm feeling myself drifting off the topic here. Bitterness can cause that. OK, I'm back now.

Girl Twin is starting the summer at mountain bike camp. She will spend three days in the mountains learning bike safety and riding cool trails. I like riding bikes in the mountains. My friends and I rode our one speed bikes up to the reservoir a bunch of times every summer.

I didn't go to a camp to learn bike safety. I learned when you fall off your bike, it hurts. I needed to be safer. We didn't have safety equipment either, especially we didn't have those shirts that look like a NASCAR fender. I might be getting a little bitter again, I think I better get to the store stuff.


You might have noticed on social media, (Relax, I'm not saying anything political) Ivy posted about a chance to vote for America's 10 Best Dude Ranch. This is significant because as I am writing this currently in 1st place is Cherokee Park Dude Ranch, the home of Your Daily Fiber's Wild West Knitting Retreat.

If you have already signed up, congratulations! If you haven't signed up, we still have room to attend a knitting retreat at America's favorite dude ranch.

Just like the three previous knitting retreats, I have not been invited. Someone will need to stay behind and run the store. That someone is me. Before the bitterness sets in, I should probably tell you I have been to the Cherokee Park Dude Ranch and it is beautiful. As I have mention several times, I have not been to the Wild west Knitting Retreat. Those spots are reserved for you.

Elaine and Ivy feel I might be a little bit disruptive asking everyone if they read my stories. Bitterness is setting in!

Our crazy lives!


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