Colorways, Jet Boats and Salmon

The store is headed towards the busy season, which equates to more work for me. The XXth annual Yarn Crawl is on the horizon. (What does that mean? I'm looking outside towards the eastern horizon (I can't see west, north or south) and I don't see anything that resembles a Yarn Crawl.)

I wrote the XXth Annual Yarn Crawl because I don't have any idea how many there have been and I don't really care how many there have been. The only thing that concerns me is I need to dye more yarn.

Ivy suggested that I dye a "Yarn Crawl" colorway this year. After she explained what a "Yarn Crawl" colorway actually is, I was reminded why she wants this colorway. It was another way she could control me.

I believe our kids have been taught, maybe by the schools or things like Y-Tube or other internet sites to slowly start to control their parents. Sorry, I might have seen