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Colorways, Jet Boats and Salmon

The store is headed towards the busy season, which equates to more work for me. The XXth annual Yarn Crawl is on the horizon. (What does that mean? I'm looking outside towards the eastern horizon (I can't see west, north or south) and I don't see anything that resembles a Yarn Crawl.)

I wrote the XXth Annual Yarn Crawl because I don't have any idea how many there have been and I don't really care how many there have been. The only thing that concerns me is I need to dye more yarn.

Ivy suggested that I dye a "Yarn Crawl" colorway this year. After she explained what a "Yarn Crawl" colorway actually is, I was reminded why she wants this colorway. It was another way she could control me.

I believe our kids have been taught, maybe by the schools or things like Y-Tube or other internet sites to slowly start to control their parents. Sorry, I might have seen a squirrel. Just don't read this paragraph.

Back to store stuff. when Ivy asked about the new colorway, I asked, "Well, what color is the colorway?" Ivy said, "Any color you want, you decide." Do you see why I'm confused? In the next week or so I can start dyeing the new "Yarn Crawl" colorway. I mentioned to Elaine, Ivy and I (OK, just Ivy) had this colorway idea. I told her I was thinking about some color and planning. Turns out, I didn't need to do any planning. Elaine already had an opinion. A strong opinion. JEWEL TONES!

I should let everyone know, there has been a couple times in this forty year (in August) marriage that I have pretended not to hear some of Elaine's opinions, but the colorway might include a couple jewel tones.

Immediately after the Yarn Crawl, I will start working on the Wild West Knitting Retreat. The knitting retreat equates to me hearing Elaine and Ivy saying things like, "Put that over here, no, not there, here!" "Can you carry this?" And my personal favorite, "You're going to need to hurry!"

If you need more information about the Wild West Knitting Retreat, check out the website or better yet,call the store. I would like to help, but I've never been allowed to attend.


As I have mentioned before, my construction life has sent me across the United States. Last week, my construction life sent me to a state I have never been before. I was in Oregon.

I was invited to Oregon by our lumber supplier to tour a plywood factory, an engineered wood factory and a logging site, all owned by Boise Cascade Industries. I should explain engineered wood, but basically it is logs processed with glue, cut and shaped to became the structural portion of your house. I could do a better job of explaining this but these are yarn store stories and no one but me cares about engineered wood.

Boise Cascade picked up the cost of sending fourteen guys form Colorado to Oregon.

Admittedly, I wasn't sure I wanted to go. I have no interest in being with 13 other people that have all built the biggest house, built the most condos, and drove the biggest pickup. Basically, what I'm saying is, well, I'm not going to say it.

(It ended up being a good bunch of guys I found out one of the guy's mother was my sixth grade teacher. Small world.)

I really enjoyed the logging portion of the tour Boise Cascade. Boise Cascade does a great job of managing the forest, working with all parties (and there are many) and driving the economy of Medford, Oregon.

That said, my favorite part of the trip was the day we spent on the jet boats on the Rogue River. My thirteen new best friends and I were treated by Boise Cascade to rides on the jet boats.

The jet boats have three hotrod car engines to power the jets. The boats are super fast. The "captain" gets the boats flying down the river, then spins the boat around 360 degrees spraying water on everyone in the boat. It was the best water ride I have ever been on. Of course I was in a seat that was only sprayed. A couple of the seats were actually "dumped" on.

After a ride down the river, we were treated to dinner at a fabulous restaurant, and then the same boat trip back. It was a blast. If you are ever in southwest Oregon, ride the jet boats on the Rogue River.

The next day Boise treated us to a day salmon fishing. I found out why they call it salmon "fishing" instead of salmon "catching". You fish all day and do not catch any salmon. Get it.

They lure you out there and then the only thing you catch is a 12" Steelhead (a Steelhead is a trout that has been down river to the ocean) and a sunburn. OK, I would and hope to do it again.


This coming week, I get to have the dental instrument that has been stuck in my tooth for eleven years removed. I wish I was going to Oregon.

Our crazy lives!


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