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Just Another Week

Last week was crazy. The twins went back to school Tuesday. Boy Twin started baseball practice Monday. Yep, baseball practice on January 8th. The Colorado Rockies haven’t started practice and won’t until sometime in February.

I’m really not complaining, its really kind of nice for Boy Twin to have something structured to do after school. But there wasn’t school Monday. It wasn’t really a big deal because It was a regular work day for Elaine, Ivy and I. It was no big deal to take Boy Twin to practice, (OK, I’m complaining now.) except for someone scheduled the baseball practice to start at 7:00 PM. No, that is not a typo, practice started at 7:00 PM. Practice ended at 8:30 PM.

Our workday is usually over at 5:30 PM. It take about an hour to get home. We did not have enough time to get home, pick up Boy Twin and get back to town for baseball practice. Boy Twin went to town in the morning and hung around all day. He was OK with that, he hung out in the store watching JetFlix. It kept him from needing to do any chores at home.

Elaine and Ivy were the lucky; they got to go home at 5:30. I was the one picked to wait around to get Boy Twin to baseball and picked up at 8:30.

Practice started the remaining nights last week at 7:00 PM, but somehow that made sense to me. At least Boy Twin was in school during the day. Ivy stayed with me the rest of evenings. We hung out at the health club. Ivy has me (Elaine too.) talked into running another 5K.

I can’t explain why, but practice this coming week is immediately after school. I won’t be spending my evenings at the health club. I’m guessing that will have a direct effect on my 5K time.

With that in mind, I need to go. I’ve got to run a couple times down my driveway.

Elaine and Ivy have completed all the particulars for the Wild West Knitting Retreat. Check our website for information. Reservations have started coming in.

Our crazy lives!


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