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The Running of the Peaches

The Fort Collins Peach Festival 5K, big deal! After looking forward to the Peach Festival 5K for weeks; and it finally arrived yesterday. Hundreds of people had a great time. But not me!

It all revolves around the pancakes. Runners were promised peach pancakes (which admittedly, I typically don’t eat peach pancakes) for finishing the race. I anticipated that I would be handed my pancakes as I crossed the finish line. This did not happen at all!

We are going to talk about the race in a minute, but……..

After running over three miles, for pancakes (that I would usually not enjoy) we, the runners; had to wait in line for pancakes. A very long line. To make matters worse, the pancake makers were selling pancake to non-runners. These non-runners were the pancake eaters making the line so long. Had I known I could have bought peach pancakes and not run over three miles to get peach pancakes, I certainly would have changed my strategy.

Girl Twin, Ivy and I waited in line for peach pancakes. Somehow Elaine anticipated the peach pancake debacle, and decided not to run. Anyway, the three of us waited for peach pancakes. About three minutes! I told Girl Twin and Ivy, “I could use a breakfast burrito.” That was the end of the line and the Peach Festival for us and we left.

The race itself was entertaining. The course zigged and zagged through the “old” section of town. At every corner, where the course zigged, a race volunteer clapped and encouraged the runners to keep going. This might have helped the other runners, but I didn’t get any encouragement from them. I was running for pancakes and all that clapping was breaking my concentration.

When the course zagged, a race volunteer would announce how far we needed to run for the peach pancakes. During the first and possibly the second mile, this was extremely disheartening. It was almost like they were daring me to quit. I guess the “encouragement” was helpful the third mile.

One of the race volunteers yelled to me as I approached him. He said, ”Hey, I saw you park your truck when you arrived here.” We shook hands as I ran by. You make friends at races.

After the race, I dedicated my day to selling peach colored yarn at Your Daily Fiber. I was reprimanded by Ivy for leaving my “racing” socks in our public restroom. I did not receive thanks for the hard work I was doing, but I was scolded for leaving my socks. Now that I think about it, it was a bad day.

Our crazy lives!


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