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It is almost here!

Fall back! Not at this house. Maggie (the Great Pyrenees) didn’t get the message. Maggie decided to wake me up early. At like 3:00AM early. (If you are concerned about my grammar and sentence structure, relax, I’ve been up since 3:00.)

Maggie: Hey Monner, Get up, I need to go out. Me: No, I get an extra hour of sleep. Go back to bed. Maggie: Seriously, something is out there. I need to go out and look around. Me: Go to bed. Maggie: I’m going to scratch your bed until you let me out.

Oh come on, you guys talk to your pets too. Maybe I was dreaming, but I did get out of bed to let the dog(s) out.

Next week is November 10th. Your Daily Fiber will be celebrating nine years in business. Your Daily Fiber has a bunch of things to celebrate.

Nine years ago, Your Daily Fiber was operating in an office building in Old Town.

Remember the old house. I thought that was the greatest place. Turns out there were just too many problems. That house had bats. Not Halloween bats, real bats. Not while the lights were on and not in the house part. In the attic, the attic had bats.

We now have the location we have dreamed about. Can you keep a secret? It looks like we are getting a new neighbor next spring. We’re pretty excited about these guys moving in. We can talk about that later.

Somehow, when I came up with this November 10th idea, I convinced Elaine and Ivy that it was a good idea. Just like every good (almost great) idea I have had, Elaine and Ivy pushed me aside to do some menial task.

As I understand it, select yarns will be on sale throughout the day. A new knit-a-long will start in the afternoon. There will be refreshments. They haven’t told me what’s on the menu. I tried to eavesdrop while they were discussing it, but it took too long to take out the trash.

Do you have a friend that NEEDS to learn to knit? Ivy will give free of charge learn-to knit kits to the first 20 people that sign up, includes one free one hour lesson. Additional lessons at a reduced rate.

They tell me they are having a fashion show featuring hand-woven, one-of-a-kind, silk and alpaca, fox fur, and cotton garments. They are really beautiful. (I dyed most of the yarn. I suggested some of the designs. I only mention this because I am feeling left out.)

Ivy said I could make salsa. I told he that takes a lot of time. Ivy said, “I know, you better start early.”

OK, I’m going to take a nap. I’ve been up a while. You guys are invited to our celebration. You will have the opportunity to sign up for a class, enjoy some treats, talk to your friends, or make some new friends. No excuses, Wyoming is not too far. New Mexico, Nebraska, Kansas, South America: not too far.

Our crazy lives!


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