Valentine's Days

It was Valentine’s Day this past week; oh yeah, you knew that. In the five decades of Valentine’s Days Elaine and I have shared; most of them have been forgettable. But not ALL of them. I'm going to remember this Valentine’s Day for a long time.

Before I talk about this Valentine’s Day, I would like to tell a story about our first married Valentine’s Day.

I was working with a crew building a Burrito Bell in Northglenn, Colorado. None of that information means anything to the story but I need to stress this Valentine memory is vivid.

I was working on the outside of the building, when I noticed a car (not a construction truck, it was definitely a car) pulled into the yet to be paved parking lot. For some reason, the car interested me and I continued to watch the car.

When the car door opened, whoever was inside the car pushed about six large helium filled balloons out the door. Then SHE stepped out of the car. I panicked! Printed on the balloons was “Happy Valentine’s Day”.

SHE was wearing a shiny red one-piece suit made out of the fabric that looks like Christmas wrapping paper. (I know that fabric has a name, and right now, you are surprised that I don’t know it. After all, I am an expert in the world of fiber.) She was wearing high-heeled shoes that matched the suit. She had flowers in her hair. Her lady parts (or really chubby guy parts) were exploding out of the top of her one-piece. I was shaking with fear, Elaine couldn’t/wouldn’t have done this too me.

I ran to the other side of the building, while SHE walked up to one of the other workers on the site.

SHE: Is there a Monner here?