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Support Your Local Yarn Store Day!

Yesterday was Support Your Local Yarn Store Day. I'm not making that up. Who thinks up this stuff? I've had a lot of great ideas, but this one might top any that I've had before.

April is not a knitting month. People are doing their taxes, planting flowers in their yards, making repairs on their houses. Have you been to The Orange Depot on Saturday? If The Orange Depot ever decides to have a Support Your Local Orange Depot Day they had better get more wild game hotdogs.

We didn't serve hotdogs on Support Your Local Yarn Store Day. Ivy and I decided on cookies and mini-cinnamon rolls. Ivy and I asked Elaine, "What is better, hotdogs like The Orange Depot, or do something totally Your Daily Fiber and serve cookies and mini-cinnamon rolls?"

Elaine didn't really didn't have an opinion (so she said) but did inform us she wanted nothing to do with it, especially hotdogs, wild game OR all beef.

Ivy brought to my attention, if we served wild game hotdogs we might be infringing on The Orange Depot's trademarks. We decided on cookies and mini-cinnamon rolls. It was probably for the best, it kept me from eating a bunch of hotdogs.

Did I tell you, I have lost weight since I started staying in the motel while working in my construction life. It’s true. The continental breakfast at the motel is/was horrible. Who could eat raccoon sausage? In the evening, EVERY evening, I stop at Jerry’s Deli for the SAME ten ingredient salad bar and cover it with honey mustard dressing. Call the store if you want to know which ten items and the order they are placed in the plastic container.

What was I talking about? Oh yeah, the Support Your Local Yarn Store Day! If you took the time to support your local yarn store, thank you. Truthfully, it was a pretty good day. I had four cookies and one mini-cinnamon roll and dyed a bunch of yarn.

Speaking of dyeing yarn, on the way home after Support Your Local Yarn Store Day, Ivy said, “Wouldn’t it be fun to include dyeing yarn to our summer classes?” I knew she was meaning me. My mind immediately went to wild game hotdogs.

Our crazy lives!


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