Maggie and Father's Day

It is Father’s Day. Someone forgot to tell Maggie (the Great Pyrenees). Maggie was at the side of my bed at first light, scratching the mattress. Maggie is not trying to scratch the mattress; she is trying to scratch my arm.

Having an eighty (+) pound dog dig its paw nails into your arm (or worse; chest or back) is a very effective way of waking up. I don’t recommend trying it yourself. As I have told my children (both sets), “There is no reason to make the same mistakes I have made. You can just listen to me, I’ll tell you how it works out.” Neither set of my children have ever actually listened. To make it worse, I cannot get that dog to wake anyone else in this house, by digging razor sharp paw nails into someone’s back. Believe me; that's a privilege I will pass along.

It’s Father’s Day and Maggie doesn’