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Rodents and Peaches

The 2019 Hot August Knits Yarn Crawl is over, however, the stores have already started working on the 2020 yarn crawl. Before the 2020 yarn crawl, Elaine, Ivy and Your Daily Fiber will host the 2019 Wild West Knitting Retreat at the Cherokee Park Ranch. Personally, I have nothing to do with the knitting retreat until the day it starts, then I will carry a bunch of heavy stuff.

Luckily, I have my new construction job to keep me busy. I have been working on the new construction site for about two weeks now. Well, not really. I have been driving to the new construction site for about two weeks now.

I haven’t really done any work. The property has ownership problems preventing the project from starting. It seems somehow the original owners sold the property to the new owners and they didn’t really own the property. Huh? Yep, the real and original owners of the property are still occupying (squatting) on the property. They have no intention of leaving. I drive to the site every day and the true owners are still there. Prairie Dogs!

Did you know that prairie dog are not dogs at all? Nope, they’re rodents. Prairie dogs have rights in 2019. When their homes are sold without their knowledge, they legally need to be asked to leave, kindly and gently.

Unlike in 1975, when people realized prairie dogs are not really dogs, prairie (rodents) need to be kindly relocated, or better yet, eaten by owls. In 2019 you cannot LEGALLY just bring in the tractors, destroy prairie (rodent) dog homes, and driving prairie (rodents) dogs a new home down the street. Nope, not in 2019.

I’m sorry, this story has nothing to do with yarn!

I ran in the Peach Festival 5K yesterday, with Ivy. It is important that I mention Ivy, the managing partner of Your Daily Fiber, in keeping with her orders to keep these stories about yarn.

I was concerned that this would be my final 5K. Turns out I will run more. My hip has been giving me fits. Elaine suggested I try knew shoes. Customers suggested I try some yogurt stretching. I got up a couple times and tried to watch some lady on PBS laying on a mat doing some yogurt stretches. Truthfully, I think I would have better luck playing “Twister”.

I hadn’t been to the gym since I left my construction job and started the new job. Last Thursday, I decided to go to the gym, knowing that I had to run Saturday morning. At the gym I was watching a young woman sitting on a weight machine that looked like it would split a person like a wishbone on Thanksgiving. When she was finished, I tried that machine. I sat down and tried to “wishbone” myself. Something happened in my hip. I didn’t have pain.

During the race my hip didn’t hurt at all. I’m not kidding. I didn’t need to buy new shoes or watch yogurt on PBS. I just “wishboned” myself. Of course, I was out of breath because I hadn’t been running, but it was great to be pain free.

Participants of the Peach Festival 5K receive peach pancakes at the end of the race. Peaches and pancakes, normally that would be like running into heaven. Sadly, after the race Ivy (managing partner of Your Daily Fiber) slapped me into reality, “Monner, we don’t have time for pancakes. We need to open the store.”

The courageous young woman in the wheelchair was at this race. It makes you feel good to hear “on the left” as she whizzes by,


Before I end this, I would like to say, "Buy Yarn". (Ivy makes me write this. She takes that managing partner stuff seriously.)

Our crazy lives!


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