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Air Gordon Shoes and the Empty Nest

School started Tuesday. It was a little strange for our family. Tuesday was the first school day in over ten years that one of the adults did not drop the twins off at a school or the bus stop. Yes, Girl Twin drove to school.

For a whole slew of reasons, Boy Twin did not drive to school. First, it does not make sense to take two vehicles to the same destination every day. It was easy to get the twins to agree that driving two vehicles to school does not make economic sense. If you tell a teenager they will need to buy some of their own gas, they understand.

Neither twin got a summer job last summer, although Boy Twin earned over five hundred dollars this past summer helping a friend’s family build a house. Of course, none of that could be used for gas. Boy Twin found two pairs of Air Gordon shoes on sale. He paid $120 (on sale) for the Air Gordon white pair. Then he paid $90 (on sale) for the Air Gordon black pair. Yep, $210 dollars for two pairs of basketball shoes for a kid that does not play basketball.

I’ve noticed he has new pants, shirts and a jacket. I can only assume he has spent his money. I take solace knowing he has nice clothes and shoes, should he decide to schedule a job interview.

In fairness, I bought Air Gordon basketball shoes once myself. When that Air Gordon guy started selling his own brand of shoes, I bought a pair of the first kind he sold. I mean the very first ones. I never wore them. I didn’t mean not to wear them, I just didn’t. I had buyer’s remorse. I had spent too much on for the shoes. Truthfully, they were kind of ugly; red, black and white. I wanted to return them. I procrastinated and didn’t return them. Recently, I have seen those same shoes being sold on the internet. Those shoes I have in a plastic box in my closet today are being sold for a couple thousand dollars. Who knew? Procrastination pays!

It would be unfair not to mention that Girl Twin also earned her own money this past summer. Girl Twin earned $36 dollars cleaning our neighbor’s house. Ironically, Girl Twin also spent her money on shoes. I guess one of the national retail shoe stores is closing all their stores. Girl Twin took advantage of the store’s liquidation sale (BOGO plus 15%) and bought two pairs of the plastic alligator shoes (pink and blue). Elaine paid Girl Twin to do things around the house. Things like weed eating, taking out the trash and cleaning the bathroom. After doing the math, I was forced to bite my tongue. I guessing Girl Twin was making about $75/hr.

I’m sorry, wasn’t I talking about something else? Oh yeah, Boy Twin not driving to school. Boy Twin does not have a driver’s license. Boy Twin didn’t feel like studying for his driver’s test.

With the advice of a friend, he decided if he just waited they (DMV) would just give him a license. Do you think it was mean of me to let him think that? After all, he checked it on Boogle.

I don’t feel very chatty today. I think it is because it was horrible last night. The dogs barked until 1:30.

It was a wonderfully cool night. Elaine and I tried to sleep with the windows open. I have no idea if the twins were sleeping with their windows open because they had already started their school year sleep overs. When both twins are at sleep overs at the same time, it prepare Elaine and I for being empty-nesters. I want to tell you, it’s going to be miserable.

Elaine and I will need to feed the dogs, feed and water the chickens and clean and pick up around the house. Oh wait, we do that anyway. I’ve changed my mind, being an empty-nester is going to be great!

Oh yeah, the horrible night! Coyotes! A pack of coyotes sat outside our house trying to trick the dogs into coming outside. (Ok, two. A pack two coyotes. I know it was two because Ol’ Monner shined a huge military grade flashlight on two coyotes.) The coyotes didn’t realize they were outnumbered and out- weighed. Our dogs wanted to point that out to them, especially Lizzie.

I heard Elaine tell Lizzie, “Lay down”. I heard Lizzie tell Elaine, “Just let us outside! We will kick their” Then I heard Elaine breathing. That deep sleep breathing. How did she do that? Lizzie, Maggie and Walter were running from every door to window and back. Elaine is asleep. It was up to me to do something. This empty-nest stuff is going to (construction language).

Ivy is on a camping trip, therefore I am not obligated to say anything about yarn. I will mention we have only one spot left for the 2019 Wild West Knitting Retreat, and you have only five days to sign up.

Our crazy lives!


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