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Doogie Sipes M.D. and the Restaurant

You could probably guess what this story is about from the title. Yes, you’re right, one of the twins has not only decided to become a doctor, HE already is one.

If you need a little help, fifteen, maybe twenty years ago on network television there was show about a teenage medical doctor. Although, I have never actually watched it, even a genius like myself can figure it out without actually turning it on.

Anyway, it came as a total surprise to Elaine and I that Boy Twin has become a doctor. He has never had much (OK, any) compassion for anyone in the last couple years. I think his desire to cure disease is strictly financial. He does like money. Money, yes; people, no!

Elaine and I are glad to say, except for him piercing ears at lunchtime with his blowgun darts, we don’t believe he has charged anyone for his medical advice or procedures. To the best of our knowledge, he has only diagnosed himself.

Last Monday, Boy Twin announced he needed to stay home from school.

Boy Twin: I have strep throat, I can’t go to school today. Me: What make you think that? Boy Twin: Boogle! Me: Boogle, you looked up strep throat on Boogle. Boy Twin: Yes, I have all the symptoms. White lines on my tonsils, fever, headache, I have them all. Elaine: Maybe we need to go to the doctor. Boy Twin: No need, I looked it up on Boogle. If we go to the doctor, they will give me antibiotics. Boogle says it can be treated with home remedies. Me: Oh my God!

Ok, to a certain extent, I will let a kid make his or her own mistake.

One day passes.

Boy Twin: Ivy, I need to go to the doctor. Ivy: It’s 11:00 PM. What’s up? Boy Twin: I have a bubble in my ear. I tried to pop it with a pin. Boogle thinks it’s an ear infection. Ivy: You stuck a pin in your ear? Boy Twin: Not far enough to pop the bubble.

Much to Boy Twin’s dismay, it was time to go to the doctor. Not to get political, but have you tried to make an appointment at a doctor lately? We ended up at Urgent Care.

God bless, Boy Twin; if he didn’t march right into Urgent Care and tell them he diagnosed himself with strep throat. When the nurse and doctor stopped laughing, they swabbed his throat. Boy Twin told me they didn’t need to swab that hard. Evidently, Boy Twin’s Boogle medical training taught him swabbing could be done very gently.

Of course, the med school trained doctors prescribed antibiotics for his NOT strep throat. Actually, it is a sinus infection. Boy Twin does not need to be reminded to take the antibiotics. A boogle trained doctor, like Boy Twin, does not appreciate being nagged.

There have been some changes in Girl Twin’s career path, also. Girl twin is taking more of a standard path. She did not use Boogle to get training.

If you remember reading a couple weeks ago, Girl Twin had a little vehicle mishap. Although, the court system treated her kindly, she will not receive the same from me. There is still the matter of a $500 insurance deductible.

I know it is 2019, parents today don’t hold kids accountable for vehicle mishaps. Sadly, for Girl Twin and even Boy Twin, I don’t live in 2019. She is paying the deductible. (Girl Twin has a friend, 16 years old that drives a new BMW. Sorry, I’m losing focus.)

So, the backstory is, Girl Twin decided to get a job. We live 40 miles from town. Having Girl Twin, driving home after closing some fast food joint was something Elaine and I didn’t want. We needed to help pick the job.

Luckily, there is a convenience store/restaurant about 13 miles from our house. Even better, it closes at 9:00 PM and is hiring new employees. It was perfect. Except, Girl Twin doesn’t have any friends that work there. Girl Twin’s friends work at a fast food restaurant, according to GPS 36 miles and 49 minutes from our house. To make it even more fun, it closes on weekends at 10:00 PM.

As I said earlier, I have no problem letting kids, make their own mistakes. She took the job with her friends.

Last night it was snowing, she was home at 11:30. I know this because I was up waiting for her. I hate that (construction language) deductible.


Our crazy lives!


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