2020! We are looking at a new year and a new decade. We are twenty years into the (new) century. I remember thinking as a child, “I’m going to be (many) years old at the change of centuries". Well, I’m twenty years older now.

I was thinking that a new decade should result in some substantial resolutions. I spent the last couple weeks of 2019, thinking of significant changes I should make in my life. It was harder than I thought. (I am close to perfect. OK, I'm kidding....I think.)

Oh, I could have made the obvious resolutions.

I could have made a resolution to sell more yarn and set a record in sales. However, that requires too much help from Elaine, Ivy and even you guys. Even though it sounds like a great idea for a New Year’s resolution, that is a resolution I really can’t control.

I thought about resolving to be nicer to people. Well, I’m already pretty nice. How much nicer could (or would) I be? OK, let’s not ask Elaine or the kids this question. I’m going to need to give this resolution some more thought.

Maybe, I could get more exercise. I ran three 5k races last year. Maybe this year, I’ll run four. I’m going to need some new stuff. I’m going to need some new shoes. Maybe some new running clothes and a new watch to keep track of my steps, heart rate and calories burned. As you can see, this resolution could be quite expensive. Maybe I should table this resolution until next year. I’m getting near to retirement age; I need to save my money.

I could always resolve to lose weight. Everyone does that resolution. I’m not one that follows the crowd, however I could give it a try. I’ll just stop eating.