Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day!

This has the makings of a great day for Elaine. I have already made the Mother’s Day coffee. OK, I make the coffee every day, but today I made especially for Mother’s Day. Perception is everything. Elaine said, “Oh, thank you! You are so nice!” See, perception is everything.

Everyone made it to the house last night. This is the first time in at least six weeks we have all been together. At the start of beervirus, as I have mentioned, we farmed the twins out to a couple families in ‘town” to take advantage of unlimited internet you “city folk” have and we “country folk” need to ration.

I awoke to teenagers asleep on the couches. I wondered why they didn’t go to their rooms, maybe they forgot where their rooms were. If I remember right, teenagers have short memories.

I assume they arrived home sometime after I called it a night. (OK, they weren’t here when I went to bed and they were here in the morning. If you are going to make fun of me, stop reading.) I had taken an allergy pill, I was watching my favorite episode of “Storage Wars”, and must have drifted off. I read the instructions on the bottle of allergy tablets. The instructions suggest the tablet is not to be taken on an empty stomach. I didn’t seem that hungry. My eyes were itching terribly. Being one not to buck authority, I knew I needed something in my stomach. I chose a vodka martini I don’t recommend this method if seeing the end of the “Storage Wars” episode is important to you.

Holy cow! What am I doing? This story is about Mother’s Day!

I’m about to prepare Elaine’s favorite breakfast. Oatmeal! I’m serious, Elaine wants oatmeal. Not the kind in paper packaging, with that old Ben Franklin looking guy on the package. (I could use that and trick her, but I won’t. Elaine wants oatmeal with fresh strawberries, blueberries and maple with mint syrup. We have no plans for the rest of the day, we will see what happens. The family is together, that's enough.