New/Old Projects

Memorial Day weekend is over. It is time to concentrate on summer. Last summer, I was building a daycare center in a town far away. Much to Elaine’s dismay, “we” didn’t get many of the summer projects finished. I’m paying for it this year.

We have plenty of doors to paint, deck railings to repair, flowers to plant, etc. Every Thursday night Elaine will say, “What do you want to accomplish this weekend? You should pick up the materials in town tomorrow so we can get started early Saturday!” She loves it. Elaine’s idea of a great weekend, is working on some carpentry project around our (construction language) 40.65 acres. Don’t get me wrong, I love SOME of our projects, but I should have accomplished more last summer. (Plus, I have overheard Elaine and Ivy talking about having a few seminars at our house, which of course means I have even more work to do and I’m already behind.)

Both sets of my grandparents were Volga-Germans. A quick definition of Volga-Germans: Germans that followed Catherine the Great into Russia. This group of German people settled in the Volga region of what is now in the Ukraine. They stayed in the region for a couple hundred years, before moving to the United States in the late 1800’s-early 1900’s. (This is a highly shortened definition.) Some Volga –Germans are in the Volga river region today.

I’m sure you are wondering, “Monner, what the (construction language) are you talking about?” I’ll get to that now.

Back in the day, Volga-Germans had large families. My mother had six siblings. My father had five siblings. I have four brothers. The families were large to help on the family farms. Parents made their children work. (Several child labor laws were initiated because of Volga-Germans parenting.)

Somewhere along the line, I lost my Volga-German heritage. I have two teenagers. I have mentioned to the two of them, it might be nice if they could help with some of the chores around the house. Girl Twin went camping. Boy Twin said, “I would love to help, but I will be working at ______ this weekend.” (He wears a mask and sanitzes stuff.)

I’m really quite proud of Boy Twin. He went out and got a summer job. He is determined to buy a nice truck. (I'm determined that HE buy a truck, and not ME buy a truck.)