She's Gone!

It’s better to have loved and lost, than never too have loved at all.

It seems it has been all too often that I have written about the loss of a family friend. I am here again.

Tuesday morning, I needed to be at work early. Driving down our ¼ mile long driveway, I noticed something was strange. I couldn’t really determine what exactly was strange, it was more of a feeling than anything else. At the end of the driveway, pulling my truck onto the county road, the feeling change to reality. I knew what was strange. Otis was gone.

In the short time we have had Otis, I have not had sufficient time to develop a bond. Elaine loved Otis, same for the twins. My relationship with Otis started with a negative, and went down from there. Girl Twin paid $176 for Otis. Definitely a negative. The $176 was mine (and Elaine’s, but I’m writing this story). Another negative. We could talk about the money spent on a halter, the waterer, feed corn, new fencing. Good Lord, a blonde almost was bit by a rattlesnake for that (construction language) cow.

I wondered if Otis had been killed and drug off by a mountain lion. Well, actually I didn’t think that at all. I think it was more hope. Don’t judge me until you have an Otis. Hope turned to sadness. Great, great sadness. I could see Otis in the neighbor’s pasture a ½ mile down the road. Healthy and happy, grazing with the neighbor’s cows.

Otis had not only crawled between the barbwire of our recently fixed fence, she (Yes, it is a she with a he name. Its 2020) had crawled through the barbwire fence of the neighbors pasture.

In my despair, and maybe anger; I realized it would do no good to continue my mountain lion fantasy. I might be able to get Elaine and the kids to believe the mountain lion story, but no way my neighbor was not going for it. I needed to get Otis back home.

I couldn’t be late for work. I had scheduled a meeting with my work project’s management team. I needed to be there. By now, I had driven out of cell phone range (that happens in the mountains) with no way to postpone the meeting or get help with Otis.

Farther down the road, I was able to get cell service. I called home.

Elaine: Good morning. Me: That’s what you think, Otis is in B#$&n’s pasture. Elaine: What? Me: Otis is in B#$&n’s pasture! Get Girl Twin up and get Otis out of B#$&n’s pasture. Elaine: Okay Me: Have Girl Twin call me when Otis is home.


Girl Twin: Monner? You wanted to talk to me. Me: Is Otis home? Girl Twin: Yes, it was no big deal. I filled a bucket with corn and she followed me home. Me: Get rid of Otis, today! Get your friends that helped you bring Otis home, and get her out of here. Girl Twin: P#%$r’s family said they would take her. Me: I don’t care, get her out of here. And, you owe me $200! Girl Twin: $176 Me: $176 for the cow, the rest is for the halter, feed and stuff. Girl Twin: OMG, you’re so dramatic! (I guess dramatic is a kid term.) Me: You’re lucky I’m not charging for mental anguish!

Otis is gone! Time will heal all wounds. Elaine will get over losing her friend. Girl Twin and I know I will never get the money. However, I get to tell the story. Plus, there is still hope for a mountain lion.

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Our crazy lives!


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